Paving The Way For An Pristine Minimalist Sanctuary Of Ethereal Beauty

Stripped down to the bare essentials, the spacious white-washed interior is promptly underscored by dreamy white hues and light sandy beige that provide a sense of organised clarity in this contemporary-style minimalist interior design. The uncluttered open layout and occasional woody accents form a soothing and inviting living space with a timeless aesthetic. While the living room is restricted to light beige and white tones with subtle intervention of muted colors introduced by the vintage furnishings, the kitchen interior was reduced to a pristine all-white look that carries an ethereal sense of light and calm. The rustic detailing embedded in each design features subtly contributes to the cosy cottage-like feel that breaks the mundane white monotony. This classic home design thrives on the enchanting orchestration of light, form and materials that flaunts an otherworldly beauty.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

The homeowner distinctively requested for a ‘white-washed’ minimalist home that takes on a neat, organized and uncluttered appearance at all times. The contemporary-style white minimalist setting allows the set of curated furnishing to deliver maximum impact without overpowering the intended interior theme. Creating sufficient storage space was an essential in designing a sustainably neat home environment for the family of four, thus the walls of the bedroom interior were stacked with intricately designed wardrobe features along with the separate walk-in wardrobe that leads to the shared common bathroom. Grey and white hues take over the bathroom interior to produce a perpetually clean and polished look. Vintage ornate handles incorporated in storage features pepper the classic home interior design as the constant design motif.


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