Traditional Asian-Style Home Of An Antique Collector

This traditional Asian-Style home located in the heart of Tiong Bahru belongs to a Chinese antique aficionado whose wide array of collections are proudly exhibited in the newly transformed modern oriental interior design.

The eclectic harmony of modern functional features and traditional interior elements form this modern oriental interior design where old and new merge into a seamless blend. The dark wood materials and the old floral tiling found consistently throughout the interior imbues a timeless quality to the abode. The muted shades of brown undertones and white hues paired with the darker panes adopt certain characteristics of the older colonial establishment. The marble-veined tiles paired with the ventilation blocks testifies to the complementary marriage of sleek modern features and traditional design traits in this modern oriental interior design.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

The renovation process mainly involved efficient space-planning and material and color selections for tiling.

The challenge was to design a unique and practical spacial concept plan for this Oriental home in an old fashioned building that also accommodates the bulk of furniture and antique items. The interior designer sealed the balcony indoors in order to eliminate the need for maintenance and further expand the communal living area. The need for larger storage space was highly emphasized, so the full-height storage wardrobe was installed as a wall in between the two bedrooms. The bathroom acts as a passageway that best utilizes the limited floor space. The kitchen was pushed to the back of the home where the natural light and cooling air easily flows in behind the newly installed glass partition.


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