50 Shades Of Monochrome Is The New Vogue

Decked out in varying degrees of monochromatic colours, this modern contemporary interior design makes a bold statement with its impeccable blend of contrasting hues and textures. The effortlessly voguish motley of ebony black, polished marble and rustic woodgrain creates layers of depth while breaking up the monotony of washed-out spaces, sustaining a calming ordered environment catered to the lifestyle needs for the couple with a young child. The occasional pops of warm color balances out the harsh elements to achieve a wholesome snuggly modern contemporary interior design. The distinctive juxtaposition of sleek minimalist facade with mellow wooden elements embodies the essence of this modern contemporary interior design.

Throw in some soft rugs and cushy couch along with snazzy geometric patterns to complete the restful cosy look with a classy modern charm.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

A timeless contemporary design imbued with a monochromatic scheme caters to the design functionality of a family home with a growing child. A monochromatic home interior design also achieves the a fuss-free minimalist living space that is of low-maintenance, and ideal for contrasting and highlighting statement pieces around the house.

The transformative change involves combining the master bedroom and the storeroom, then converting the large space unit into a distraction-free home office workspace cum study area for the homeowners who frequently work from home while taking care of the child. The pink feature wall was opted for the home office corner to create an interesting accent in the black-and-white layered master bedroom. The monochromatic feature tiles in the bathrooms act as a consistent design motif that adds character into the home interior design while blending in with the rest of the house effortlessly. Designs are kept simple with plenty of storage in the kitchen and master bedroom. The barnyard-style sliding door is a stylish addition that serves a functional purpose of taking up lesser floor space than a traditional swinging door.


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