Rocking The Moody Band-Inspired Interior

Cloaked in shades of dark wood and deep black, this modern industrial apartment quietly screams personality. Exposed trunking and pipes run the ceiling and walls, setting a rawness to the space that is congruent with the expression of music that the homeowner loves. Display shelves were also built in to showcase the extensive collection of figurines that the homeowner collects.

In contrast to the black that wraps the bedroom in a shadowy embrace, the communal area takes on a lighter shade of grey that considerably brightens the space. A brick wall runs the length of the living area, its textured shades of grey playing up the industrial vibes in this home.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

A home is often a reflection of one’s personality and lifestyle. For a homeowner who loves rock music and collecting figurines, the designer worked to design a space that centres around his hobbies.

Unlike the typical red brick wall found in many modern industrial interior designs, the designer proposed to place a grey one in the living area instead. This matches the neutral, almost monochrome shades that runs through the home while giving the space an unconventional touch of the industrial style.


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