Minimalist Nordic Oasis Oozes A Graceful Japandi Charm Rooted In Form And Function

The concept of ‘Japandi’ homes is synonymous with the interior elements of minimalist interior design and modern scandinavian interior design. The harmony of Scandinavian functionality and Japanese minimalism creates a feeling of art, nature, and simplicity using the perfect blend of function and form infused into this modern scandinavian interior design. The organic touch of sculptural sandy wood tones and weathered grainy textures paired along with the alabaster white hues injects a sense of hyggeness into the modern scandinavian interior design. Engraved onto the stylish design features, clean groove lines raises the attention upward to give a lofty vibe in the bright and airy interior setting. Geometric shapes and clean lines create a striking visual statement while contrasting with the minimalist backdrop in the modern scandinavian interior design. The plain minimalist setting narrows the focus to the details where cosy accents and strikingly modern furniture pieces imbues a feel of modern sensibility into this modern scandinavian interior design.
The semi-open concept supports the principle of Scandinavian interior design where sufficient floor space is reserved to promote flow of movements and interactions within the living space. Divided by a glass partition, visual connectivity is ensured between the open kitchen and dining area, and living room where the homeowners can entertain their guests lounging in the living room while cooking in the semi-open kitchen.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

The homeowners were a young newly married couple who opted for a clean decluttered Scandinavian home with a semi open concept layout. In order to infuse the home interior its own personal unique edge, our interior designer incorporated customised vertical wood panelling into the design of carpentry works. The sliding glass partition that divides the living room and open kitchen can be easily adjusted for any occasion. While one is cooking, he or she can be aware of what is happening outside. Another design motif is the groove lines that flows through the wooden TV feature wall and in-built console. Due to space-constraint issues, a customised vanity area was designed – a full-length mirror with a recessed pull-out drawer.


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