A Down-To-Earth Dwelling For The Free-Spirited At Heart

Natural light streams gently across this quaint dwelling, elegantly diffused by timber venetian blinds. A delectable fusion of clean hues and warm rattan elements forms an idyllic combination of the Scandinavian-Bohemian Chic home interior. An unwavering jovial character of the home shines through the communal space, coupled with earthy boho soft furnishings that emanates a warm hug to the soul and a time to unwind. An artful display of personal keepsakes and ceramic vases on the recessed arched open shelves creates visual interest and adds dimension to the space. Forging the heart of the home, a pop of pastel blue cabinets and white subway tile backsplash flawlessly sections the kitchen from the rest of the home – reflecting a bright and inviting space for bonding with loved ones.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

The homeowners wanted a comfortable space that boasts a relaxing vibe, one that will fit both their lifestyle habits and cater for their pet as well. To match this, the designer worked to create a Bohemian Chic home peppered with functional Scandinavian elements. Light wood vinyl flooring was chosen to complement the light toned interior and make for easy clean-up after their pet dog. A bedroom was hacked to expand the communal area and allow for more throughflow of natural light.

To break away from the neutral shades that dominate the rest of the communal area, the homeowners requested for a pop of colour in the kitchen. For this, the designer worked with the homeowners to create a kitchen in a shade of pastel blue.


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