Be enthralled by the 3 archetypal condo interior designs bequeath with a magical touch

Ever wonder how the top 3 classic condo interior designs can be personified?

In Singapore, the property sector defines big and small condo by the scale of the development- the number of units and land space which the entire condo occupies. For the interior design industry, a big and small condo is defined differently. With the vast variety of condominiums available in Singapore, our interior designers are concerned with the available floor space which can range from 74sqm to 200sqm.

The following are condo design themes that are attuned to more adventurous homeowners who want a distinctively unique home interior. The interior designer for Duo Residences opted for a contemporary luxe look so as to seamlessly weave in the oriental antique collectibles and travel memorabilia of the homeowners achieving a coherent look.

contemporary condo interior design singapore 7
Feature Project: Duo Residences | Condo Interior Design Singapore

Meanwhile, a rustic farmhouse condo interior design is also a rare masterpiece especially in the context of a cosmopolitan city like that of Singapore.

Farmhouse Bohemian Interior Design Singapore The Interior Lab5
Featured Project: Duo Residences | Contemporary Condo Interior Design

While there are certain homeowners who are keen to go for atypical interior themes, the quintessential condo design themes in Singapore are modern condo interior design, minimalist condo design, and luxury condo design – 3 of the classic condo interior themes in Singapore. Here are a few exemplary interior projects which are personified to suit our client’s lifestyle and aesthetics needs.

Modern Condo Interior Design

Clean-cut lines, functional spaces, and a decluttered interior – it is no wonder that the popularity of modern condo design never wanes. We have handpicked two modern condo interiors that are strikingly similar in the use of lines yet idiosyncratic in terms of their aesthetical functionality. While both condo interiors are characterised by the hallmarks of modern interior design, their respective interior designers adopted 2 entirely different colour palettes. This led to the birth of 2 notable modern condo interior design that is attuned to the aesthetics and specific requirements of the homeowners.

Modern Contemporary Condo Interior Design Queens Peak The Interior Lab4
Featured Project: Queen’s Peak |Modern Condo Living Room Interior Design Singapore


The Interior Lab 35
Featured Project: The Eden @ Tampines |Modern Condo Design Singapore

Luxury Condo Design

Luxury condo design is plausibly one of the most mind-bending interior designs to defined. A luxurious interior design might be interpreted as ostentatious by an individual, yet classified as chic by another. Yet, an indisputable interior element that is often described as gaudy is the unrestrictive use of gold elements to adorn any home interior. Here are two unconventional luxurious living room condo interior that permeates their own allure.

Condo Living Room Design Singapore 6 The Interior Lab
Featured Project: Homey Gardens | Luxury Condo Living Room Interior Design


Modern Luxe Codo Living Room Interior Design 22
Featured Project: Seasons View | Modern Luxe Condo Living Room Interior Design

Minimalist Condo Design

A common misconception about minimalist interior design in Singapore is that naturally there are minimal works required to achieve its simple yet decluttered look. Deceptively simplistic, a seemingly minimalist abode requires more space planning and concealed storage which one can imagine especially for small condo interior design coupled with the needs of a growing family. The contrasting minimalist condo interior design for Parbury Hill and Harbourfront Towers echoes the lifestyle of their respective homeowners markedly.

Contemporary Minimalist condo interior design Parbury Hill Condo The Interior Lab30
Featured Project: Parbury Hill | Minimalist Condo Interior Design


Minimalist Condo Interior Design | The Interior Lab
Featured Project: Habourfront Towers | Minimalist Condo Interior Design

We hope you loved the plethoral of condo interior design projects which we have specially curated from our extensive portfolio. We will be sharing more interior design solutions and ideas through our blog! So do check in The Interior Lab’s blog from time to time.

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