Let us know how we are doing by writing us a review on our services. We will seek for your honest feedback for our improvement. Thank you so much.

Accomodating and tactful throughout the renovation

Sophia, our interior designer, did a great job in assisting with all the necessary arrangements to fix up my home. She was tactful, accommodating and was kind enough to explain what was being done or needed to be done every step of the way. From presenting suggestions to listening and providing to my requests, Sophia did a great job in meeting my needs for my home renovation. Thank you, The Interior Lab and Sophia for making this possible. Abdul Aziz   BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

A little expensive but worth it to work with the trustworthy relationship

We were in pursuit of an interior designer who can translate the visual ideas into a real-life home, and Filzah was clearly the person we were looking for. We got to know about Filzah through a mutual acquaintance who recommended her to us. The response on Filzah’s side was always swift. Her follow-up strategy was good, and design propositions were sufficient. Filzah was able to bring out the right personality and characteristics for the home interior design. Tad expensive, but even so I’d rather work with Filzah due to the trustworthy relationship we have. Anna ABOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Outstanding Design Qualities with Trustworthy Renovation Team

I initially employed the services of Interior Decorator Sophia to renovate parts of my house. Together with her and ID Joanne, they renovated my house just the way I wanted.
Both of them had a very sharp eye and outstanding design qualities necessary in renovating. They were very detailed with two-way conversation flowing during our discussion, such that I could trust their decision in giving me the very best. They had also employed a group of very trustworthy and dedicated workers(especially the carpentry n masonry for my Kitchen, bedrooms, and dining area) who complimented the ID dedication.
My friends who visited me also commented on the renovation and the quality of the work done.
Kudos to both Sophia n Joanne and I am blessed to get such outstanding interior designers who made my dream house come alive during my retiring days ahead.
I would recommend anyone to use their services if you are looking for quality. AnthoneyMary VictorBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Awesome Renovation Experience with our Responsive Interior Designer

Worked with Eugenia, our interior designer,  from The Interior Lab for our new BTO and I am very happy with how everything turned out to be! Eugenia is very patient and takes time to answer my questions ( and I have a lot of them). She is prompt in addressing our issues and we didn’t have any major problems during the renovation journey which I am very grateful for. She ensures all defects from the contractors are fixed and gives good advice whenever we cannot make up our mind as to which materials or colours to go with?. Overall it was an awesome experience and we felt more like friends than interior designers and house owner! Thank you Eugenia! Reno LowBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

10/10 will recommend our interior designer and The Interior Lab

Hired David from The Interior Lab as the interior designer for renovations.
I’m impressed by the honesty and ideas David brought across to us! Love how he works very well with our requested greyscale theme. The photos attached are taken in full-spectrum colours, very impressed! David was always prompt to answer any questions we had and was always constantly on-site to make sure all works went well. We are glad we placed our trust in David and The Interior Lab. Would recommend David and The Interior Lab 10/10! C LowBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Customer-Oriented with Detailed Renovation Plans and Details

Vincent Wang, my interior designer was recommended to me by my friend who is himself a building engineer and has used his service. Together with his colleague, Angie Ku, the team was prompt to understand my needs and preference for the renovation work. They were able to conceptualize the renovation plan with details and accuracy. During the planning stage of the project, we met several rounds for discussion to confirm the project plan. The Interior Lab’s team was able to provide useful and valuable inputs to ensure money is well spent to achieve the best quality of the final outcome. The team is very customer-oriented and coordinated the start date of the renovation work to suit my schedule. They are also very resourceful in identifying and selecting the most capable subcontractors to undertake the different parts of the jobs. I have adopted an imported pull-down disk rack in the kitchen and Vincent took time to understand the structure and liaised closely with the carpenter to ensure that it is installed properly. The good rapport between the team and its sub-contractors has helped greatly to resolve the differences and some minor issues during the renovation. Though there was a slight delay in the project’s completion date due to the COVID-19 situation, the team has tried its best to coordinate the schedule and meet the revised timeline. I am happy to have engaged the Interior Lab for my house renovation. A good friendship between us has also been forged during the 4-month…

Attentive Interior Designer that has a Great Eye for Detail

Mabel is our interior designer from The Interior Lab. As a perfectionist, she rectified mistakes that even us homeowners would not be able to spot. She has a great eye for details and beautiful things and is very attentive to our likes and dislikes. After understanding our preference, her first proposed design was love at first sight for us. Catering to our needs, she ensured that our home is cozy, baby-friendly, and spacious. She is very attentive and was able to troubleshoot and rectify any questions and problems promptly. I know she designed and renovated my home with as much attention she would give to her own home renovation. Whenever the contractors are around, she will be there too. The rapport she has with her contractors is admirable. For all of my future renovation, there is no one else I will trust as much as I trust Mabel. Please stay in this industry! You are a rare gem! Thanks! Tan Li LinBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Pleasant and Memorable Home Renovation Experience

I would like to convey my sincere appreciation to Shawn, my interior designer, who has worked closely with us for the last 6months in the renovation of our dream home. Home renovation for our landed property came with a separate bag of unexpected challenges and that is what really stood out in Shawn where he leveraged his immense experience and went the extra mile beyond the role of an interior designer to address each and every one of them. From unexpected challenges like the reinstatement of structures to addressing leaks from the heavy downpour, Shawn saw to it that they were all addressed. Another quality that stood out was Shawn’s level of responsibility. When we faced an issue with our kitchen accessory due to a wrong recommendation by another party, he took the responsibility to work with the party and got it replaced without inconveniencing us with time and additional cost. A final facet that we truly appreciate is Shawn’s patience and wonderful service, always with a cheery spirit and that made our whole renovation journey a very pleasant and memorable experience. Thanks, Shawn! Gerald TeoBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Prompt, Reliable and Trustworthy Interior Designer

Our interior designer, Matty Tan, from The Interior Lab is very prompt, reliable, and trustworthy. She is also very helpful in the coordination and recommendation of items that we specifically wanted, and also offered us practical advice and opinions that we found useful. Notably, Matty is also a very honest person and we would recommend anyone who would like to renovate their place to consider Matty. – Pamela Ong –   BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Smooth Sailing Renovation Journey Despite Covid

As a first-time homeowners, we were initially quite lost. Following the mainstream, we decided to meet some interior designers and compare some quotes. We have decided to engage The Interior Lab (TIL) for the renovation works as the onset impression/feeling received from their interior designer was different from the others that we’ve met. Our interior designer, Justin Loh, gave us his idea & design for the house after briefly mention on what we want. He also helps us a lot by filtering off unnecessary ideas or opinions (since it can be quite overwhelming) thus, helping us to make decisions easier. We trust his judgment and opinion (especially when it comes to the color palette) & the house design turns out great! Justin has followed up with us timely as and when there should be updates. Overall, we are very happy homeowners & satisfied with the quality of the works rendered to us. Thanks to Justin Loh  & his awesome team of workers, especially during this challenging covid period, ensuring all things run smooth and within the timeline. Casey ChinBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Dedicated & Knowledgeable Interior Designer

Sheireen, our interior designer, has done an excellent job with my house renovation. She is dedicated and hands-on to check every milestone of the renovation stages, she solved any issues or problems arisen from the project promptly. She is knowledgeable and is known to provide ideas and recommendations to fulfill my requirements within the budget and timeline. Besides, she always keeps me posted on the progress of renovation which makes me worry-free, and no need to check on-site so often. After the project handover, she even went the extra mile to help me paint the edges of laminations which was not part of the plan. Will definitely recommend Sheireen and The Interior Lab for my friends/relatives. – Choky KL –   BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Professional, Meticulous Interior Designer

Suki Gan from The Interior Lab attended to me. She was very professional, meticulous and went the extra mile to discuss with her carpenter my special requirement. She did a great job following up on further requirements. So kudos to her versus many other interior designers! – H Teo –BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Sincere and Responsive Interior Designer

We engaged our interior designer, Edward from The Interior Lab, who was sincere, hardworking, and responded quickly to any questions that we had. Grateful for his help with our home renovation! Colin GohBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Completed renovation in time despite pandemic

I’m glad that I had Suki as my interior designer and Chris as the site coordinator. Both of which are from The Interior Lab and are very friendly and nice to work with. Suki not only gave me practical and nice design on the whole layout, but she is also good in technical detailed work and able to advise me how things work. She will also find out more from professional opinion and get back to me fast. Chris who is very organized, help me to schedule all the site work and make sure they complete in time. During this covid pandemic where renovation workers are in shortage, I’m really grateful to both of them for helping me oversee this project and complete the renovation in time without compromising the quality of work in every area! This shows that The Interior Lab has a strong internal and external work team! Highly recommended! Suhui TanBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Experienced Interior Designer with Superb Project Management Skills

Engage the services of Matty from The Interior Lab. She is an experienced interior designer who is superb with the coordination of getting the required contractors to complete the required works within the stated timeline – Patricia Lim –BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Professional, patient and pleasant interior designer

We engaged Suki’s services after hearing great reviews online. We also met other designers from The Interior Lab and several other interior design firms, but Suki inspired the most confidence in us. Throughout the project and in spite of delays caused by COVID-19, she was a professional, patient, and pleasant person to work with, and was good at building rapport with her clients and the contractors she worked with. She was very responsive throughout the project, did her best to understand our requirements, and worked well with the budget given to her. While there were some hiccups along the way, they were mostly resolved promptly, and we are happy with the way the house turned out in the end. Ultimately, the design is highly subjective, and homeowners should expect to be highly involved in the design process to make sure the home is exactly the way you want it. – Amanda Chen –OOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Positive renovation experience. Will engage The Interior Lab for my next home renovation

I came to know about The Interior Lab when my neighbour hired them to renovate his house. We were impressed by their fast completion of work so I hired them to renovate certain parts of my shop. Although there were some hiccups along the way after I voiced out about the hiccups, the interior designer did try her best to stick to the original plan and schedule. There were no additional charges along the way. Renovation works were completed on time and the quality of work is to my satisfaction. Overall, it is a positive experience. I will hire this company again for the renovation of my house in the future. Ms Chen   BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Renovation works was completed in time without compromising on workmanship despite covid

Engaged them during covid phase 1. Glad that my interior designer and team The Interior Lab did their best to complete my job in time without compromising workmanship. Highly recommend! Regina Tan   BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Our interior designer truly bears the hallmark of excellence

We met a number of interior designers and found Suki from The Interior Lab understands our needs the best. Suki is attentive, meticulous, and professional. She gave us much good advice and guided us through every step of the renovation journey. As my wife and I are busy with work, we were really fortunate to have Suki as our interior designer as it was a very smooth renovation journey for us. We are really satisfied with the design and quality of the renovation. Despite having our renovation period coinciding with difficult times due to the Covid situation, Suki remains determined to deliver the dream house for us. Suki’s work truly bears the hallmark of excellence and we are grateful to have her as our interior designer. Leon Wong   BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Pleasant renovation experience despite circuit breaker

It was a good experience with my interior designer, Justin Loh, from The Interior Lab. During the first meet up at my home (bought a resale flat), Justin is able to propose some design concept base on what I would like to incorporate into it. Base on the design theme chosen, he is able to accommodate all within my budget. 🙂 Although the renovation was held up due to the circuit breaker, Justin did his due diligence to update me on the situation to assure me that The Interior Lab is committed to making the necessary arrangements once the renovation works are allowed to resume. Justin is ever willing to give his professional advice whenever I need it. He even goes all the way to accompany me to get the furniture to match with the design theme. This was really awesome and I was impressed by his attitude and passion for interior design! He is a problem solver too. He made good use of the limited space below the DB box to incorporate shelves to accommodate more pairs of shoes, right beside the built-in shoe cabinet. Although minor defects were found, he managed to coordinate with the contractors to ensure that the rectification was done properly. The outcome met my expectation and it was a pleasant experience to have engaged The Interior Lab and Justin for the interior design of my new home. 🙂 June Sum   BOOK A CONSULTATION…

Design-centric proposition without hard selling

We entrusted our first home renovation to Eric Yap, our interior designer, who understood our eccentric interior aesthetic pretty well. We have a rare appreciation for vintage materials such as parquet, mosaic, and terrazzo flooring. Eric was the only interior designer who did not run away from the challenge of working with these materials and meeting our requests. Eric’s propositions were very creative and design-centric without any hard-selling. We loved that he was very forthcoming about our design choices instead of sugarcoating his words and going along with everything we suggest. The Interior Lab team made this smooth-sailing renovation journey possible and successfully turned our dream home into a reality thanks to their skilled workmanship. The Interior Lab helped us to feel at ease constantly throughout the renovation process. We recommend The Interior Lab for their trustworthy and professional service. Rexell sg   BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Smooth and fun renovation journey. All thanks to our interior designer!

Renovation is a stressful process but we hoped to have a smooth and fun experience since this is our first home. At the beginning of the lockdown we spoke to a few interior designers but Justin stood out with his cool behaviour and yet we could see his passion and hard work. One of the best decisions we made on this journey was to choose Justin as our interior designer! Justin listened very carefully and patiently to all our requirements, cleared all our doubts, and came up with many drawings and suggestions. My husband and I had a few differences of opinion with regards to the interior design of the house, but Justin would very professionally handle our differences and each time came up with a solution which made both of us satisfied. Justin is very honest and helped us cut costs whenever and wherever possible. And at times we would feel that some features were going over budget, he would explain in detail the reason for the cost and the impact it has on the house. And will let us choose if we want to go ahead or not. He has never imposed anything on us. He is ALWAYS available for his clients! Whether late night or early mornings, he will always answer our calls, and not even once did he get annoyed! Renovation during the lockdown is not easy, but Justin always kept his cool and worked around all the obstacles to give us our home as soon…

Professional, Responsive and Comprehensive Interior Design Service

The interior designer we used was Suki who was referred to us by another very satisfied customer of The Interior Lab who is a family friend. We will similarly refer Suki to other friends and family as we are very happy with the service she provided which was professional, responsive, and comprehensive. With a very tight move-in schedule, Suki was very efficient in helping to coordinate all the different contractors and was very hands-on on-site to ensure that the work done was of high quality. She was also able to accommodate all the different requests and provided design ideas and solutions to the challenges we had. Post-move-in, Suki was also on hand to help with the additional requests we had. Thank you Suki for helping to build a very comfortable home for our family. Antonia Ong   BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Exemplary Project Management Skills and Design

Nothing but high recommendations for TIL! My fiancée and I contacted around 6 different interior designers, one of which was Justin from TIL. He put in tremendous effort right from the start and showed some quality design work. Even though we weren’t able to find many reviews at that point in time, we went with our gut feel and chose him. Needless to say, he did a fantastic job from start till end. We shared that our budget was of main concern, and he managed to keep the project budget-friendly whilst maintaining a sufficient design “feel”. Other than his design efforts, we thought that his project management skills were also exemplary, especially in managing our expectations due to inevitable Covid delays. All in all, we’re thankful we trusted him and he certainly gave us a pretty darn awesome first home! Thanks, Justin! Joshua Wong    BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Responsive Interior Designer

Thanks to Justin (our interior designer) and the team from The Interior Lab which had done a great job with the renovation of our house! He’s always responsive to the message and gave his honest opinions on the recommendation of materials used in view of our tight budget. We have no worries throughout the Reno period as he has been coordinating with all suppliers/carpentry/painting/cleaning and left ya without worries. Kudos to him! Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness Michelle BehBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Wonderful renovation experience with The Interior Lab

For our renovation, we received the most wonderful experience from Shawn and his team. The knowledge, professionalism, passion, and craftmanship shown by everyone from The Interior Lab made the whole experience wonderful. They saw our vision and worked with us to create a wonderful home that we love living in and are so proud of. Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value – Thomas Warren-   BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Home renovation with awesome interior designer

Angie, our ID from The Interior Lab, is a dedicated designer who is able to match our dream house into reality. She is able to give good suggestions and weigh the pros and cons whenever a decision needs to be made. She responds to our queries quickly and resolves defects in an efficient manner. Throughout the renovation process, she gives us constant updates through text, phone calls, photos and videos. We are truly happy with the result and thankful to work with an awesome ID like her. – Xiaaoo Yuu –   BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

A Pleasant Fuss-Free Renovation Experience

We have The Interior Lab with interior designer  Suki creating our home. From the conceptualization, design to actual reno and post-reno follow-up, it has been a pleasant experience for me and my wife. Suki listens and comes in with ideas to make our home lovely. She is meticulous and attentive to most details, presenting alternatives and options which are practical. Suki in terms of project management is responsible and has a good rapport with the various contractors. The quality and finishing of the carpentry work are good. Despite the COVID, she managed to handover the house to us on time. The company will go a long way if they can focus more on creativity, be a little more adventurous and cultivate a finer eye for details. Would recommend The Interior Lab for your house design and reno if you want a fuss-free experience. – Edwin Chan –   BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Dependable & Reliable Interior Designer

1. Response to inquiries before signing the contract – EXCELLENT! 2. Interior Designer – Design and Guidance/Recommendations – EXCELLENT 3. Interior Designer Vincent has been approachable, understand site issues faced, and communicates well with all – AWESOME 4. Service and Workmanship – EXCELLENT 5. Budget and Timeline – EXCELLENT *****Recommended for all future Interior Designer works and fully trusted Interior Designer Firm where all of my requirements were completed beautifully! Thank you. – Gracie Seow – BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Amazing Home Renovation Experience With The Interior Lab

I engaged Suki & Delynn – my interior designers as they were very easy to work with and perfectly understood the style I was trying to go for. They also were professional and upfront in all the important things I needed to know and it definitely builds up a lot of trust between us! Throughout the reno journey, they were extremely patient and quick in responding to my queries. As I was planning for my reno alone, there were many times when I was quite stressed about the logistics and arrangements. However, they were always there and able to resolve any concerns I had (even replying through midnight and beyond)! They constantly updated me about the progress with pictures and accommodated last-minute changes as well. Even after the works, they made sure that any defects and corrections were attended to promptly. They were very attentive to detail as well which helped in a lot of my decision-making! Simply put, they were the most AMAZING and responsible interior designers to put my dream home together, while making this journey a really smooth one! Thank you so much, Suki and Delynn! – Pandora Leong – BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Best Interior Designers Singapore
Best Interior Designers Singapore