Meticulous Interior Designer Whom Provides Sound Advice

I wouldn’t have engaged TIL if not for the bathrooms that had to be upgraded under HDB’s HIP.

Due to the HIP, pipes in the kitchen had to be replaced which entailed the removal of cabinets. As this left an unsightly state in the kitchen, my parents decided to renovate it. At the recommendation and endorsement from my network, I was introduced to Jason Boo from The Interior Lab. Kudos to him for his meticulous and close attention to detail during the renovation journey.

Additional works were included to replace the current flooring with new vinyl strips. I learned a lot during this renovation journey with Jason. I appreciate his thoughtful reminders whenever my ‘wants’ didn’t match the ‘needs’. And this is what clients or homemakers should look out for, an ID who will offer sound advice along the renovation journey. If an ID okays to your whims and fancies, please terminate the relationship with them.

Even though the final tab was higher than the initial quotation, the investment was worthwhile. My parents are quietly happy. I am pleased with the final result. Thank you, Jason. Thank you, TIL.

– Jason-

Best Interior Designers Singapore
Best Interior Designers Singapore