Smooth and fun renovation journey. All thanks to our interior designer!

Renovation is a stressful process but we hoped to have a smooth and fun experience since this is our first home. At the beginning of the lockdown we spoke to a few interior designers but Justin stood out with his cool behaviour and yet we could see his passion and hard work. One of the best decisions we made on this journey was to choose Justin as our interior designer!

Justin listened very carefully and patiently to all our requirements, cleared all our doubts, and came up with many drawings and suggestions. My husband and I had a few differences of opinion with regards to the interior design of the house, but Justin would very professionally handle our differences and each time came up with a solution which made both of us satisfied.

Justin is very honest and helped us cut costs whenever and wherever possible. And at times we would feel that some features were going over budget, he would explain in detail the reason for the cost and the impact it has on the house. And will let us choose if we want to go ahead or not. He has never imposed anything on us. He is ALWAYS available for his clients! Whether late night or early mornings, he will always answer our calls, and not even once did he get annoyed! Renovation during the lockdown is not easy, but Justin always kept his cool and worked around all the obstacles to give us our home as soon as possible. The house came out just the way we wanted, with a beautiful modern farmhouse feel. Forever grateful to Justin for making our dream come true :)We have already recommended him to a few of our friends!

Overall we had a great time working with Justin and definitely made a new friend right there 🙂

Sinduja Ramesh



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Best Interior Designers Singapore