Smart and professional interior designer team in every sense

We visited the Qanvast Hangout and spoke to a few interior designers, but we ultimately decided to go with Jason and Chris. What really impressed us was how they were able to propose the design concept plan for the home, even though all we did was to show them the floor plan and mention briefly the interior theme that we wanted. All in all, everything fell into place – the word-of-mouth, the comfort level with Jason and Chris together with their level of experience, professionalism and the instant chemistry that we shared.

One of the challenges Jason and Chris handled really well was hearing us out on the spontaneous ideas we had for the home in terms of the design and decor, and their ability to accommodate those requests was sublime. They were altogether patient, professional and straightforward enough to hear us out and give us honest advice.

Jason and Chris raised the bar when it comes to service quality and understanding our lifestyle needs. They first offered to take a look at our current living conditions so as to understand our lifestyle patterns. After thorough analysis of our needs and preferences, they provided creative and practical design solutions for our new home. Every room was designed in a way that meets our functional needs. The entire home had the modern refined aesthetics of a hotel and the homely comforts of a home, as what we requested.

The Interior Lab team is really smart and professional in every sense — they don’t just heed or humor your every request but are straightforward with what they think is suitable or not for your home! The interior designers were good at thinking out of the box, and their level of professionalism was clearly shown in how they understood our every needs and preferences.


Best Interior Designers Singapore
Best Interior Designers Singapore