Thank You For Turning My Dream Home Into Reality

Having a concept and idea of your dream home and turning it into reality is no easy thing.

Luckily for me, Matty from the interior lab follow me throughout the little journey of my humble home renovation.

To start off, I’m no easy person to work with when it comes to ideas or whatever that concerns design and art. I visualise how I want my home to look like and by words I’m sure not any ID can fully materialise it.

Matty is a straightforward person with quirky ideas and with a lot of years of experience. You call on your ideas to her, she doesn’t just sketch it but she makes sure she improved on it without going too far off what you want.

When it comes to my budget, Matty has always been honest with me what she can achieve or not. But at the same time, she will try her best to conceptualise within my means without compromising on the initial ideas of how I want my home to be. She knows her way to make things right.

There are so little to worry about having Matty to handle the renovation. Deadlines met? Checked. Satisfactions met? Checked. A place you called heaven? Totally checked!!
Thanks to the interior lab.

Best Interior Designers Singapore
Best Interior Designers Singapore