Quality Workmanship and Trustworthy Professionalism

We decided to settle for Shawn after thoroughly speaking to about 10 different designers during the Qanvast Hangout. The reason for making this decision is due to Shawn’s trustworthiness, the precisive concepts he proposed and the instant sync in connection we had in regards to our visualisation for the home.

Initially, we wanted to go with the Scandi-Minimalist theme. I am not a huge fan of the frilly stuff, and I was slightly concerned with cleanliness as well, so the general lifestyle consideration was a home that can be easily maintained and organized. We plan to adopt a cat, so a pet-friendly home that reserves space to accommodate cat towers and such was kept in mind! Thus, we toned down the house to a darker palette which transformed the home into a Scandi-Industrial style instead.

Our favorite space has to be the workspace and the living room. We spend a lot of time gaming and watching movies in our leisure time at home. Also, we also spend a significant amount of time in the home office as game designers especially in this time of co-vid crisis. Thus, a comfy place that really feels like home was very important to us!

We initially did not have the intention of hacking down the walls between the two separate spaces between the living room and the home office but Shawn proposed this brilliant idea of building a window pane wall instead which really opened up the space. Overall, Shawn knew his stuff pretty well. We had the general design concept down pat, but he incorporated a few ideas of his own and refined the entire concept which was downright impressive!

We definitely recommend Shawn for his quality workmanship and trustworthy professionalism.

Best Interior Designers Singapore
Best Interior Designers Singapore