Proactive Interior Designer who takes pride in her work

We are very satisfied with the results of our home renovation – we think that our house looks great aesthetically and is also very functional/practical (e.g. easy to clean and maintain). We love our new home so much that we feel that every day is like a holiday to us (this especially pertinent during the COVID-19 situation where many of us have been experiencing varying degrees of cabin fever). Our experience with Angie, our interior designer, was fantastic and we cannot recommend her enough.

We met with 6 interior designers/contractors and decided to go with Angie after a year of deliberation as she stood out to us as someone who is very sincere, experienced, detail-oriented, and passionate about what she does. Furthermore, we found that the quote by TIL was reasonable, even in the absence of COVID-19 (we received TIL’s quote sometime in Sep 2019 and only signed the contract with TIL sometime in Aug 2020, against the backdrop of many news outlets reporting that ID/contractors had increased prices to as much as 20% due to the COVID-19 situation – TIL did not).

Angie has a wealth of experience and was able to provide practical advice on all design and renovation matters, enabling us to make the best decisions possible. In almost every topic/question we brought up, she always had valuable insights from her previous jobs and clients to share. Angie is frank and is never afraid to voice out her opinions. During our discussions with her, she always states the pros and cons as well as her recommendations, which has been most useful to us in our decision-making process.

Angie is a very meticulous and responsible person and has excellent project management skills. Due to her positive qualities, we trusted Angie to such extent that we only visited the house thrice during the renovation process: 1) at the start where we discussed the location of the electrical and lighting points; 2) 2 weeks prior to handover, and 3) hand-over day. Angie is also very proactive and would on her own initiative, always be the one to send us onsite videos on how the works were progressing, and alert us on any problems.

As first-time homeowners, we had numerous questions. Despite this, Angie was always very patient and responsive and was just a Whatsapp/call away. Angie was able to address most, if not all our questions well, leaving us with peace of mind, which is something we really appreciate. Furthermore, we always felt that we have good and open communication with her.

Angie also has good relationships with her subcontractors/suppliers (tiler, plumber, painter, carpenter, cleaning supplier, electrician, aircon supplier, lighting and fixtures supplier) and hence was always able to resolve any issues very promptly. Furthermore, Angie would liaise with all of her subcontractors/suppliers directly such that we would not need to do anything. As sophisticated consumers who are price conscious, we found that the prices of her suppliers were reasonable. In addition, the work done was outstanding, such that there were few defects that were minor in nature (we recognize that it could also be the case that Angie was conscientious to the extent that she rectified any defects before we could even come to know about them).

Overall, Angie has a lot of initiative and takes pride in her work – these qualities were really apparent during the renovation journey. She always tried to find the best way to achieve what we wanted, and at many points made suggestions out of her own initiative that would improve the design or practicality of the house. Such suggestions also included those which would help us to save on costs. As idealistic first-time homeowners, there were many issues that we had not thought about, and which may have given rise to problems in the future, if not for Angie’s advice. As we were very impressed with the renovation process as well as the outcome, we have, on our own initiative, recommended her to friends and family of ours who needed an ID.

Chloe Ng



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