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My primary intent to hire an ID was to take away the stress of doing a renovation that I have faced for my 1st home 13 years ago, e.g. coordinating with different contractors and managing the entire project. Additionally as this is my 2nd home, what I want in terms of design and theme was not as defined as my 1st home, hence needed help in this area.

I have gotten quite a number of recommendations through Qanvast and a few other online reno portals and out of all those, have interviewed 7 ID firms and narrowed down to 3. In the end, I have selected TIL because they are able to provide end-to-end services, and Cheryl has shown a lot of sincerity in our interactions, was patient to listen to my ever-changing briefs (since I did not have a clear idea to begin with), and was able to offer practical solutions to real-life challenges, e.g. too little space & too many things, odd-shaped layout, etc. I must admit that I was initially rather skeptical as she looks rather young!

Throughout the reno journey, Cheryl was there to take care of things and I was relatively stress-free. “Out of the blue” ideas sent to her in the wee hours of the night/morning were seriously considered, and were either implemented or given a sanity check =P There were a lot of back & forth discussions before we nailed down the final design and as Cheryl has said, I am the one ultimately staying there so first and foremost, I must be comfortable with the design and the layout must meet my needs. When it was time to buy furniture, appliances and accessories, Cheryl was either there with me in person or was able to give “real-time” advice via WhatsApp. And when stress got the better me as the moving-in date loomed closer, Cheryl remained confidently cool and got things under control.

Post-reno, many of my guests in the know have complimented on the quality of workmanship (I am quite clueless in this area). Cheryl remains responsive to requests for minor touch-ups & fixing things here and there (I am writing this review more than 6 months after handover!)

Overall, I must say that Cheryl has shown dependability and has took over the burden of reno from my shoulders, delivered a comfortable yet practical home where we can relax in, and my family loves her. I am truly appreciative of Cheryl’s work and her positive attitude in my reno journey!

Note: not a sponsored review but sharing the link here as a proud homeowner & to give credit where it is due here.


– Tracy –


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