Great Design Sense And Resourceful, Overall Satisfied Service and Workmanship Quality.

I am an architect myself, and was primarily looking for a project coordinator with design sense, and who has connections with good subcontractors. I’d interviewed over 15 firms, and it was Yen who impressed me the most with her experience, contacts and pricing. Amongst the firms I shortlisted, TIL’s quote was average. I had, however, seen the workmanship of the carpentry and tiling works at their other project sites prior to signing, and was satisfied that the slight premium was commensurate with the quality of work I would receive.

While I had a clear idea of what I wanted from the beginning, Yen valued added by providing me with alternative points of view and practical suggestions along the way. Where variations resulted, it was done with a measure of give and take.

My renovation is actually relatively simple in terms of absolute work, with minimal built-ins. The trickier part was in the coordination between the various trades – half of which were in TIL’s contract, the other half under me direct. I reckon that Yen would consider me a relatively challenging client, mainly because I am highly particular over certain things like alignment and detail. There were numerous times when I needed things refabricated or repositioned. Wherever it was technically possible to accommodate my requests, however, Yen and her subcontractors were always obliging. Their response and turn around time was also relatively fast. I appreciate their positive attitude, can-do spirit, and the pride that they each have in their work.

Overall, Yen’s easy-going personality, sense of responsibility and heart of service ensured a smooth renovation process. It was one where we learnt from each other along the way, and were both happy with the end result. Thank you, Yen, for going the extra mile with a smile!

Best Interior Designers Singapore
Best Interior Designers Singapore