Patient And Attention To Our Needs, Fuss-Free Renovation Journey.

Matty has been very patient and attentive to our needs and requests, willing to meet up with us multiple times when we have many queries regarding the renovation of the house.

She is also able to note our various requirements (given that we consulted a geomancy master for colour schemes and design matters), and have it incorporated into the plan.

Similarly, she addresses our need for more storage areas by putting together many design works that maximise space/storage.

During the renovation process, it was fuss free. Matty handled the renovation process from beginning to end, and us being quite busy, did not have to attend to much. Simply put we left it in the hands of Matty and the house turn out fantastic. Not to mention that the entire renovation process (from handing over key to Matty and collection back from her) is only 3 weeks!

Best Interior Designers Singapore
Best Interior Designers Singapore