Exceptional renovation journey with our experienced interior designer

We have met Jojo in December 2020 and read lot of great reviews about her from this site. Hence we requested her to meet at our place to get a rough quote for our renovation requirements. We were on strict Reno Budget (no hacking, majority involved carpentry, lighting and ceiling) and started off with 12k in our mind. Jojo is quiet experienced and explained clearly that our renovation requirements cannot be made with 12K Budget. She gave us detailed breakdown of all the Reno work involved for our requirements and provided us true picture of other little things which we didn’t anticipate in our Budget. We are fortunate to learn a lot from her experience and impressed with her details which we didn’t see with other IDs. As first time renovator, we felt she will be great partner whom we can learn lot from her and also have smooth journey with our renovation.

The journey with her has been splendid. She has been an outstanding partner where she understood our personality, personal situation, and communication style. This helped us greatly where she adapted to our working dynamics and executed the renovation work. She gave us constant update of our renovation works and also accommodated with last minute changes. She also gave us contacts where we could get subsidised cost. At first we thought her contact’s cost are expensive, however after shopping around we have realised that We actually got a good deal. We came to know that she already bargained a lot with her contacts before they provided us cost to us. This is our first timer mistake where we didn’t fully believe her and we have learnt to trust her over time. She is also clear communicator where she will highlight risks and also execute only when we are clear on what we want. She is fast in organising and executing Reno works. At times, she is so fast that we realised how we were slowing her down in renovation works. However, she knows we are first timer, helped us greatly by getting us organised with our decisions and move past obstacles. This demonstrates servant leadership qualities in her and allowed us to learn from her experience with renovation works.

We are fortunate and thankful to be on journey with Jojo on our first renovation project. We will not be hesitant to go with her again in future renovation works.

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