Excellent Service and Great Interior Design Ideas

We met up with 6 interior designers introduced from Qanvast and decided to go with Cheryl from The Interior Lab (The Interior Lab). Amongst the interior designers we met, Cheryl is the one who can “click” with us the most, giving us the utmost attention and honest feedback on our intended design. Shes always so cheerful, approachable and sincere in all our discussions. There were moments when we don’t like certain design, she takes it well and in the end gave us something that we love 🙂

She’s very easy-going and she will help us in every way to change her design in order to suit our budget. Initially we were afraid that the house may be too small to fit all 6 of us (with 2 teenagers that require lots of storage space), but with her design, we felt more reassured that there is enough space for all of us and yet still create a common family space for all of us to bond together over meals.

She even went beyond her service or job scope to help us shortlist our furniture, curtains, paintings, plants that goes well with the home design. She helps to coordinate and plan the schedule between all the different 3rd party vendors for e.g. curtains, solar film, ziptrack, etc. We don’t even need to be in the house to oversee as she helps to ensure all the jobs are completed.

She’s always responsive to our queries even when she’s away for her holiday. She plans well to meet our home schedule to ensure that we can move into the new place as agreed.

We would like to thank Cheryl and her team for their excellent service and passion in giving us our beautiful house that we call home.

Su Sen Wah 





Best Interior Designers Singapore
Best Interior Designers Singapore