Professional, Responsible Interior Designer With Creative Quality Workmanship.

We would like to give our most heartfelt thanks to our Interior Designer.

From start/scratch to finish, he has been nothing short of being professional, responsible, and honest.

Of all the past ID(s) we have met and come across, The Interior Lab has gotten me and my wife’s trust through his extensive knowledge (about almost everything technical relating to a house, no kidding) and creativity. Not only as an ID but also as a trustworthy person and potential good friend as well.

We would proudly recommend him to our family & friends and would vouch for him personally for his services and creativity, making our house a masterpiece. Thank you again for everything you did for our house. We really appreciate all the effort you have given us.

Side note: The Interior Lab (TiL) uses premium quality materials. The carpenters and electricians are experienced too. You pay for what you get at very reasonable prices. Your house/home is your sanctuary, quality matters. Highly recommended.

Best Interior Designers Singapore
Best Interior Designers Singapore