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We understand that in Singapore, we led a fast-paced lifestyle it is tough to meet 10 interior designers for your renovation needs; thus, we recommend that you can shortlist about 10 Interior Designers based on research- authentic renovation reviews, renovation projects on social media and well-accredited interior firms. After which, you can choose up to 3-5 IDs for a non-obligatory consultation to further discuss your renovation needs in person. Read on to find out why!

Common Questions: Can you email me the quote/ Can you send me the quote via Whatsapp?

Problem: Not meeting your Interior designers in person during the selection process and eliminating interior designers in Singapore through quotation only.

Missing out on experienced designers.

Just like you, our experienced designers have very packed schedules! During the first meetup, it would be a key discussion on space planning, interior design concept, timeline, and budget. As it is tough to give an accurate quotation based on information with a very short brief (Eg. Scandinavian style, full renovation of a kitchen, toilet etc.). it would be more time efficient for experienced designers to start working on quotations only after they have met and thoroughly understand their client’s renovation needs. Thus, it is no surprise that you do not get an accurate quote or even no quote at all when you input “Email Only”.

Exceeding your budget: Top-ups/ Additional Cost

Different interior designers have their own style of quotation. Comparing them apple to apple is a huge mistake. One of the key differences could be the choice of material and design. A quote which seems cheaper at first glance might have a significant amount of hidden cost and require additional cost. Kind reminder: Quality Materials and Pristine Workmanship usually comes at a higher price.


Missing out on an Interior Designer that can “clique” with you

You are embarking on a 2-3 months renovation journey for your dream home which you are likely to stay for 5 years and beyond. The interior designer whom you engaged would have to fit the shoes of your design consultant, designer, financial consultant, project manager, and home stylist. Engaging the Interior Designer with whom your ideas aligned, one who truly understands your needs and has a working style that you are comfortable with, should take precedence of the cost. If you have a good judgment of people, you would know whether he/she is someone you should entrust to spearhead your renovation project.

Meeting up with potential interior designers which you are keen to work with is a well-worth investment of your time! It will allow your ID to thoroughly understand your renovation needs but also give you a more accurate quotation in accordance with your budget. More importantly, you are able to start your pre-selection round to see whether your ID is suitable to spearhead your renovation project.

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