How not to Quiver with the Shaker Style Interior Trend

What are the design themes that marry well with the shaker-style interior?

Aside from the ever-popular Scandinavian interior design trend, homeowners in Singapore are gradually becoming more accepting of other home interior design or detailing. One of the rising trends in the shaker style interior. Shaker style interiors date back to the 18th century in Manchester, their furnishings are tuned towards modest yet functional designs such as tapered legs furnishings and wooden pulls. While some of the classic hallmarks of shaker style interiors such as furnishing-hanging pegs and wooden pulls have not transcended the recent interior trend, the classic detailing of cabinets feature a flat centre panel surrounded by a simple frame has been widely accepted by a homeowner in Singapore. This is definitely a noticeable resurfaced trend within the interior design realm of Singapore.

The reason for its rise in popularity could be attributed to the fact that it has a subtle touch of intricate detailing which aligns minimalist interior that most homeowners embrace. Here are a few home interior designs which perfectly embosomed the shaker style trend with the magical touch by our designers.

 Farmhouse Interior Design

Naturally refined, rustic yet with a brush of elegance, a farmhouse interior takes on a warm, inviting vibe with a whiff of sophistication. While the blend of rustic and modern elements is the key essence of a modern farmhouse design, the wainscoting details of the shaker-style cabinets complement the sleek yet minimalist look of the overall home interior. After all, a farmhouse home interior design is reliant on simplicity which is in perfect sync with that of the clean and uncluttered details of a shaker style cabinetry design.

Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Singapore The Interior Lab
Featured Project: 404 Serangoon Ave 1 | Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Singapore | The Interior Lab


Farmhouse Bohemian Interior Design Singapore Grand Duchess The Interior Lab15
Featured Project: Grand Duchess | Farmhouse Condo Interior Design Singapore | The Interior Lab

Contemporary Interior Design

While shaker style design is renounced with intensive colours or lush detailing, or basically anything which has too much showmanship, it could be The interior designer of this landed interior design took the design liberty of delicately entwining the classic flat-inset panel, a distinct characteristic of a shaker style cabinet, into the following contemporary home interior. Surprisingly the results is the ameliorate of a modern contemporary and shaker style design. Outlined with a simple framed panel, it elevates the overall design without exorbitant details.

Modern Landed Interior Design Singapore the interior lab 6
Featured Project: Slowing Time Within Spaces| Modern Contemporary Landed Interior Design

This modern contemporary kitchen interior demonstrates that the gold accents along with classic frames imbue a pristine touch to contemporary interiors. In fact, it could be a perfect embellishment to inky blue cabinets. After all, the classic element of shaker style design befits its ability to trespass beyond its neutral territories of colours.

Contemporary Interior Design Singapore The Interior Lab
Featured Project: Teck Ghee Park View | Modern Contemporary HDB Interior Design Singapore

Minimalist Interior Design

Believe it or not, the creators of shaker style interiors are known as the “first minimalist”. From the choice of colours to the use of materials, their conviction towards functionality is clearly reflected in the 18th-century shaker style interiors. The underlying belief in purposeful adornment aligns with that of a minimalist interior design – an interior goal of many homeowners living in Singapore. It is no wonder that the shaker style kitchen amalgamates with that a minimalist home interior. In fact, the addition of the classic combination of framed cabinets and brass handles could be the highlight of this functional minimalist interior.


Contemporary Minimalist condo interior design Parbury Hill Condo The Interior Lab30
Featured Project: Parbury Hill | Minimalist Condo Interior Design

While a shaker style interior design is in trend due to its functional aesthetics, it is no surprise that there are always two sides to a coin. A common mistake that most first-time homeowners make is blindly following interior trends for their matrimonial house. The key to attaining a functional dream home is always to understand your own aesthetics and lifestyle needs before creating a truly timeless interior where you and your loved ones could unwind after a long hectic day.

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