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Residential Interior Design - 4-BR Condo Renovation

Inside A Modernistic and Timeless Family Home In The Urban City – Contemporary Luxury Interior Design

An immaculate amalgam of warm and cool tones is met with a curated palette of pristine white, neutral coloured furnishings and varied textures to establish the foundation of this abode’s Contemporary Luxury interior design. The open floor plan of the communal living area encourages natural daylight to fall gently over timeless textures of cosy fabrics and wood furnishings, emanating an aura of bliss and comfort. Dark fluted panels and sleek cabinetry encase the walls of the kitchen, creating a clutter-free environment that allows for a seamless flow and open conversations. A captivating fusion of soft neutral tones and accent lighting evokes a hotel-like atmosphere in the master bedroom. Thoughtfully designed for evenings of calm and relaxation, the master boasts an idyllic and ritzy bathroom experience.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts: 

As city dwellers, the homeowners requested a Modern Luxury interior design with some Contemporary elements to reflect a stylish yet timeless family home. To achieve this, the interior designer suggested creating a cohesive look with a refreshing twist by using a splash of blue hues and patterned textiles that complements the neutral shades of the overall home interior. The vibrant art piece and bold lighting in the dining area draws the eye in, creating a point of visual interest. The homeowners emphasised on having substantial storage space that would be functional yet aesthetically pleasing, especially for the kitchen and living area, so as to accommodate guests and cater to their lifestyle needs.

Contemporary Luxury Interior Design

4-BR Condo

260 sq. m.

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