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The Allure Of Lavish Living – Modern Luxury Interior Design

Cloaked in a deep shade of iron grey, walnut wood, smoked matte marble and a dash of reflective bronze, the Modern Luxury interior design of this suave space oozes tremendous flair and poise. A grand semi-circular backlit mirror greets you at the entrance and instantly draws you in, while moody accent lights set the tone for the rest of the debonair dwelling. Natural light floods into the open concept living area, bringing it an air of calm and peace. Silky smooth textures are posed against the parquet floor and ceiling to strike the perfect balance between cool and warm hues, creating a comforting neutral palette. The Modern Luxury interior design comes to life especially in the master bedroom, which takes after a lavish hotel. The opulent feature wall clad in a matte marble with luminous bronze veins makes a statement, juxtaposed with sheer curtains and soft sheets for a burst of radiance.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts:

The homeowner specially requested for a hotel-like atmosphere, especially in the master bedroom. To achieve this, the interior designer had everything from the floors to the ceilings redone. Clean textures and dark colours were also chosen to emulate the restful ambience of a luxurious hotel room.

As an avid fan of smart home technology, the homeowner wanted it incorporated into the design of the home. A myriad of elements in this space, from the lights to the ceiling fan and even the curtains, can be controlled easily with mobile devices.

Modern Luxury Interior Design

2-BR Condo

73 sq. m.

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