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Modern Luxurious haven for avid readers

Matte navy laminates complements the dark wood tones of the modern interior design which forms a quaint restful sanctuary that evokes a refined sense of elegance. White forms the base colour of the modern interior interior creating a visually larger communal area that conjures an understated luxurious oomph. This modern interior design embodies the modern-day context of luxury which has less to do with ostentatiousness but rather the thoughtful designs and conscious detailing.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

The homeowners are avid readers thus, having an interior with sufficient open shelves to contain their collection books was one of the requirements made by the homeownes. This explains the extensive carpentry works found in all 3 levels of this landed home interior.

As the homeowners wanted to incorporate a fireplace into the inteior , the designer thought of an ingenious idea to have the faux fireplace to double as a wine rack.

A television lies behind the extensive feature wall in the living room. A unique mechanism, reveals the TV when slide open. However, when not in use, the TV is well-hidden, keeping a seamless look which forms the feature wall.

Lastly, stairways storage is an underaved storage hack ! Veneer strips forms a concealed storage space which blends in with the overall interior of the space.

Semi-detached Home

Interior Design Theme
 Modern  Interior Design 


515 SQM

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