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BTO HDB Interior Design - 3RM HDB Home Renovation

Luxurious Yet Warm Cosy Home For A Homebody Family Of Three – Modern Contemporary Interior Design

This contemporary luxe dwelling accommodates the humble lifestyle of a homebody family who prefers to stay home over the weekends. Soft neutral tones, minimalistic marble textures and striking gold accents have been seamlessly weaved together to create an opulent yet minimal and exclusive modern contemporary interior design that also adopts the aesthetic likeness of a condo apartment by combining the interior elements of homely design comforts and sleek luxury unit.

The elegant timeless design of the marble feature paired along with the visually striking cobalt-blue furniture infuses an understated sense of luxury lounge ambience in this modern contemporary interior design. A balanced symmetrical bedroom is created by installing a wardrobe design on both sides of the bed which steers the focal point to the bed and contributes to the restful cosy mood.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

The key challenge of this home renovation was the living room and dining area where the space constraint issue lies, therefore a lot of thought was invested into the space-planning and home-styling process in order to ensure an open and spacious communal area for the homeowners to navigate through easily.

Given that this unit is a new premium BTO, the flooring base has been set prior to the renovation. This project involved not only the general renovation works but a lot of detailed space-planning process as well in order to resolve the space-constraint issues.

Interior Design Theme
Modern Contemporary Interior Design / Modern Luxury Interior Design

3RM Premium HDB BTO 


74 SQM

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