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The Marriage Of Serenity And Sophistication Births This Sacred Sanctuary – Modern Contemporary Landed House Design

The beauty of this grandiose home situated in Princess of Wales comes in the materials and various textures weaved seamlessly to create this classic modern contemporary interior design. A carefully curated concoction of pristine marble textures and neutral color palette imbued with a subtle gradation of muted white and beige-grey splashes the blank canvas that captures the essence of a bright and breezy resort. A sense of colored and textured uniformity was projected into the modern contemporary interior design with the cooling sophisticated touch of exquisitely veined stone marble and stormy grey variations.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

The landed house design was intricately tailored to the homeowner’s lifestyle needs and detailed design preferences. Inspired by the Australian Hamptons-style homes, the design request mainly encompasses a peaceful and calming sanctuary of a classic timeless design with clean grey and white tones, occasional black accents, and decluttered pocket of spaces. The communal study room steers towards a darker moody interior style that ultimately achieves a cosy, comfortable, and conducive bubble of space for working and studying. The kitchen is the heart of the home where the family and guests gather to have a meal together or chitchat while having their afternoon tea.

Landed Property Interior Design 

Interior Design Theme
Modern Contemporary Interior Design


372 sqm

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