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Resale HDB Interior Design - 3RM HDB Home Renovation

Palatial Boutique Apartment In The Tallest HDB Residence – Modern Contemporary Interior Design

A light fluffy palette of muted pastel tones and soft sleek textures adorns the open concept layout of this luxury boutique modern contemporary interior design that oomphs an understated level of sophistication. The well-lit and spacious communal hall boasts a simple and classy modern-day charm that is complemented with functional home design features and a gentle glow of natural light. Decorative gold accents delineate the edges of the interior surface in an unostentatious manner yet inject a soothing tone of luxurious warmth into this modern contemporary interior design.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

The homeowner requested to hack down the walls of one bedroom to expand the communal living space. Hacking the walls down allows the communal hall interior to be further expanded while allowing sufficient natural light to flow into the home that achieves the brightly-lit and spacious open layout living room design. Smart storage compartments incorporated at various corners throughout the communal hall have been stylishly designed to blend seamlessly with the overall home interior design.

4RM HDB Resale 

Interior Design Theme
Modern Contemporary Interior Design / Modern Luxury Interior Design


92 SQM

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