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Residential Interior Design - 5RM Resale Flat

Contemporary Minimalist Abode Springs Back To Life With Autumnal Hues – Contemporary Minimalist Interior Design

Paying homage to autumnal seasons, the rich shades of fiery auburn and muted beige white tones were orchestrated to create this homey contemporary minimalist interior design.

The hallmarks of minimalist interior elements and contemporary interior elements were married together to form this modern yet cosy contemporary minimalist interior design. Clean lines, reductive and uncluttered being the iconic essence of a minimalist interior design sets the tone for the backdrop setting while deliberate use of warm color tones and sleek contemporary elements come together to create a lived-in, cosy home interior design. In this contemporary minimalist interior design, while most things were kept to a neutral tone, warm wood accents are infused into the mix, evoking a sense of natural warmth that contributes to the timelessly modern and cosy home interior design.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

The design brief for this home was “simple and modern yet cosy” which was sensibly translated into a contemporary minimalist interior design.

While the living room was kept to a spacious and unoccupied look, the kitchen was stacked with full height storage compartments to accommodate the sizable kitchen appliances that the homeowners have in their possession. The interior designer designed the vanity counter/dressing table that best caters the homeowners’ lifestyle habits who prefers to stand and prep up for the day, saving more time for other priorities. Another unique point would be the recessed display where the altar or any other home decor items can be placed at, along with the extensive TV feature wall.

5RM HDB Resale Flat

Interior Design Theme
Contemporary Minimalist Interior Design


128 SQM

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