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Indulging In A Sultry Purple Affair In This Contemporary Luxe Dwelling – Contemporary Luxe Interior Design

Draped in a brilliant shade of imperial purple, the main showstopper of this contemporary luxe interior design is the display cabinet feature where the rose gold trimming juxtaposes beautifully with the grey laminate to evoke a touch of oriental regality into the contemporary luxe interior design.

As the five individuals of the family each possess their own unique hobbies, the display cabinet showcase their individual triumphs – the global collection of crockery from the mum, the graduating gift of the daughter who practices Indian dance, the favorite book of the son as well as tokens of travel memorabilia from Russia who practices systema. The spaciousness of the communal area is further dramatized by the bronze mirror feature that offers a bigger spatial illusion. The sensual velvety texture of the purple feature wall elevates the oriental posh ambience drenched in the soft glow of ambient lighting. Notice how each individual room reflects the respective member’s personality and lifestyle? The dusky palette of red, blue and green adds a whimsical touch to the children’s bedroom that distinguishes itself from the rest of the dark contemporary luxe interior design.

Interior Designer Thoughts

The interior designer took up the challenge of composing the color palette that all the family members could appreciate. The display cabinet feature offers smart pockets of spaces for the homeowners to display their prized possessions without cluttering up the living room, while exuding a museum exhibition-like feel. The bronze mirror at the living room visually expands the living room while the ceiling feature gently frames up the living room. Space planning was executed to ensure the vintage oriental furnishings are placed at their rightful spot. To save floor space, murphy beds were incorporated into both sons’ bedrooms – one who plays guitar while the other utilizes the extra space for working out.

4RM New Condo 

Interior Design Theme

Contemporary Luxe 

120 SQM

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