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New Condo Interior Design - 3RM Condo Home Renovation

Calming Contemporary Sanctuary In Midst of Sleek Stormy Grey – Modern Contemporary Interior Design

The medley of light stormy grey and charcoal black mellowed out by soft wooden elements were concocted to form an unassumingly laid-back and decluttered modern contemporary interior design that embraces sleek modern elements and homely comforts. Subtle strokes of lines contour the interior to evoke a classy and sensual modern feel. The warm splash of colors and natural light gracing the indoor living space further enhances the sense of lightness and calm in the abode.

The black walnut feature wall is the main showstopper of the modern contemporary interior design that stretches from the entryway to the living room. The homeowner’s interesting collections displayed in translucent cabinet spaces are interweaved tastefully into the abode, with the piano functioning as the centerpiece that adds an exquisite finishing touch to the open communal space. The neutral ashen-grey tone of the master bedroom captures the essence of a serene resting sanctuary with the interjecting flow of lines directing the focus upwards to offer the illusion of a lofty living space.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

Resolving the space-constraint issue in this modestly-sized condo unit was of the highest priority. Despite the clutter, the interior designer incorporated various smart storage features to ensure every item found its rightful place within this home interior design in order to sustain a decluttered living environment. The seating platform in the common room was installed to serve a dual purpose of providing large concealed storage compartments and extra cosy seating space for guests. Given that working from home is currently a norm for both homeowners, a conducive workspace equipped with a customised desk feature with sufficient shelving units that caters to their working lifestyle was also incorporated. The expansive ashen-grey TV feature wall with the recessed space and pockets of tinted display cabinets accommodates the large piano, travel memorabilia and other collections owned by the homeowner respectively.

Interior Design Theme
Modern Contemporary Interior Design

3RM Condo New


79 sqm

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