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Sun-Kissed Traditional Villa Instantly Transports You To An Exotic Tropical Resort In Bali – Balinese Interior Design

A Balinese-inspired home is essentially grounded in nature that immediately transports you to a surreal space of wild greenery, tropical foliage and rich flora when you step into this traditional balinese interior design. An eclectic mosaic of balinese influences and antique pieces complemented by a smorgasbord of earthy color scheme and organic textured materials brings out the exotic spontaneity in this traditional balinese interior design. The visual illusion of a spacious open concept home is heightened by incorporating mirrors throughout the balinese interior design. Be it the communal area  exhibiting the collection of historical antiques, the romantic ash wood canopy bed or the outdoor patio where homeowners can lounge in peace and bask in the morning sunshine, a feel of light-hearted spirituality is imbued into the heart of this masterpiece with the idyllic harmony of solid bright elements, gold brass accents and the myriad of tropical materials and colors in this traditional balinese interior design.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

A traditional balinese interior design was chosen for this condo apartment, in consideration of the massive antique collection owned by the homeowner. The interior designer ensured that this home has all the right ingredients to simulate a romantic getaway in a Balinese resort or hotel. Extensive use of wood and subtle bronze gold finishes were incorporated to achieve the look while complementing the balinese influences. Mirrors are incorporated at strategic areas to give the illusion of a wider space in order to tackle the challenge of resolving the plausible decluttered look of this balinese interior design. The homeowners wanted a home sanctuary that has a restful ambience where they can relax and unwind after a long day, which is evident in the communal area, outdoor patio and the master bedroom in this balinese interior design.

3RM Condo


Traditional Interior Design, Balinese Interior Design

399 SQM

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