From good class bungalows (GCB) to detached houses, shophouses, and even terrace house renovation, our landed division team is qualified to offer both interior design services and additions & alterations works (A&A) to homeowners.

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Mangis Road
A Picture-Perfect Illustration Of Warm Minimalism - Warm Minimalist Interior Design Swathed in curved lines and organic wood, the aura of this divine dwelling is imbued with a heavenly charm....
17 Omar Khayyam ave 17
Omar Khayyam
When Effortless Minimalism Meets Sleek Luxury - Modern Luxury Interior Design A divine blend of cool and warm tones is met with a curated palette of deep navy, soft grey...
Modern Contemporary Interior Design The Interior Lab2
Somewhere Out There
Celebrating The Art Of Calm And Cosy Living In Contemporary Style - Modern Contemporary Interior Design Clad in dark timber tone and rustic matte textures, this modern contemporary abode is...
Modern Contemporary Interior Design The Interior Lab 2
The Floating Facade
The Marriage Of Serenity And Sophistication Births This Sacred Sanctuary - Modern Contemporary Landed House Design The beauty of this grandiose home situated in Princess of Wales comes in the...
Landed Property Interior Design
Slowing time within spaces
Modern Luxurious haven for avid readers Matte navy laminates complements the dark wood tones of the modern interior design which forms a quaint restful sanctuary that evokes a refined sense...
Modern Interior Design Singapore 13
Safe Haven
A Light-Filled Modern Sanctuary With A Stairway To Seventh Heaven - Modern Interior Design Unearthed from the rubble was the graceful assembly of natural stone and neutral tones that artfully...
Best Interior Designers Singapore
Best Interior Designers Singapore