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Get more design inspiration from our past interior design projects for both new and resale condominiums ranging from 75sqm to 200sqm. We specialize in providing customized condo interior design solutions. Be it an ergonomic design for your modestly-sized condominium or a modern luxe look for your penthouse, leave your condo interior design to our professional interior designers. Get in touch with us today!

St. Thomas Suites
Inside A Modernistic and Timeless Family Home In The Urban City - Contemporary Luxury Interior Design An immaculate amalgam of warm and cool tones is met with a curated palette...
The Topiary
An Exquisite Family Home That Embodies Functionality And Grandeur - Modern Luxury Interior Design Cloaked in cool grey tones, glistening marble and artistic furnishings, this modern luxury home interior exudes...
Skyline Residences
Luxe Living In A Boutique Hotel-Inspired Abode - Modern Luxury Interior Design Exemplary craftsmanship with furnishings that are luxurious to the touch, this sophisticated dwelling captures the true essence of...
The Tropica 20
The Tropica
Celebrating The Beauty Of Simplicity - Modern Minimalist Interior Design Enveloped in a mellow palette of bright white and rustic timber, this Modern Minimalist interior design brings the idiosyncrasies of...
Riviera Residences
The Allure Of Lavish Living - Modern Luxury Interior Design Cloaked in a deep shade of iron grey, walnut wood, smoked matte marble and a dash of reflective bronze, the...
Ascentia Sky
A Modern Twist On The Classics - Modern Classic Interior Design From shapes to textures, the Modern Classic interior design of this alluring abode strikes an exemplary balance between the...
187 Punggol
Where Sophisticated Simplicity Comes To Life - Mid-Century Modern Interior Design A magical symphony of clean and curved lines echoes through this open concept haven; a true testament to the...
Untitled Session0848
The Minton II
The Epitome Of Sumptuous Elegance - Modern Luxury Interior Design A clean base of neutral tones with exquisite pops of opulent gold and velvety forest green flows through the Modern...
Modern Contemporary Interior Design Singapore - 59 East Coast Terrace - The Interior Lab 1.jpg
Axis @ Siglap
Old East Coast Penthouse Rebirths As A Light-Filled Sunny Cat Sanctuary - Modern Contemporary Interior Design Bathed in a pool of warm natural light, this modern contemporary abode channels an...
Contemporary Interior Design Singapore Condo Interior Design The Interior Lab26
Le Merritt
French Lilac Blue Splashes This Light-Filled Seemingly Minimalist Haus - Contemporary Interior Design A whimsical french lilac blue sweeps through the light-filled open living space, imbuing this contemporary condo apartment...
Modern Scandinavian Condo Interior Design Singapore One North Gateway The Interior Lab15
One North Gateway
Inside This Idyllic Nordic Sanctuary, Home To A Newlywed Couple - Scandinavian Interior Design Decked in a soothing array of soft wood tones and vanilla white hues, this open concept...
Farmhouse Bohemian Interior Design Singapore The Interior Lab5
Grand Duchess
Conjuring A Whimsical Resort Getaway In The Homely Comforts Of A Boho Farmhouse Abode - Bohemian Interior Design The marriage of Scandinavian and Tropical Balinese Resort elements gave birth to...
Contemporary Minimalist Condo Interior Design | The Interior Lab14
Parbury Hill
Paving The Way For An Pristine Minimalist Sanctuary Of Ethereal Beauty - Minimalist Interior Design Stripped down to the bare essentials, the spacious white-washed interior is promptly underscored by dreamy...
Modern Contemporary Condo Interior Design Queens Peak The Interior Lab6
Queen’s Peak 2
Calming Contemporary Sanctuary In Midst of Sleek Stormy Grey - Modern Contemporary Interior Design The medley of light stormy grey and charcoal black mellowed out by soft wooden elements were...
Modern Luxury Interior Design The Interior Lab25
Queens Peak
Hitting The Peak Of Modern Contemporary-Luxe - Modern Contemporary Interior Design The crème de la crème of classy modern living is orchestrated with the medley of rich ivory-white colors, opulent...
Modern Penthouse Interior DesignSingapore 9 9
The Esta
Light-Filled Modern Luxury Penthouse With Elegant Modern Fittings - Modern Penthouse Interior Design Let the light in - the main concept of this modern penthouse interior design. White, woody tones...
Postmodern Interior Design The Interior Lab The Esta51
Amber Gardens @ The Esta
Channeling 'Wes Anderson' Vibes In This Eclectic Postmodern Abode For A Family Of Three - Postmodern Condo Interior Design This postmodern condo interior design embraces unconventional ideas that play around...
Modern chinoiserie condo interior design – The Interior Lab – Interior Designer Singapore39
The Eden @ Tampines
East Meets West -Modern Chinoiserie Penthouse Condo Interior Design This penthouse condo interior design embodies an intricate balance between the aesthetics of a modern home interior design and that of...
modern scandinavian interior design Singapore The Interior Labion0233
Steven Suites
Perfect Modern Scandinavian interior for the action figure collector and his loved ones A minimalist colour palette of white and warm wood tones layered with soft hues and sleek modern...
Modern Condo Interior Design Singapore 35 The Interior lab
Minimalist Meets Scandinavian In This Condo Interior - Modern Scandinavian Interior Design Clean sleek lines, beige white hues and light wood tones are a running theme throughout this modern Scandinavian...
Contemporary Luxe Interior Design Singapore - Condo Interior Design - The Interior Lab
Duo Residences
Indulging In A Sultry Purple Affair In This Contemporary Luxe Dwelling - Contemporary Luxe Interior Design Draped in a brilliant shade of imperial purple, the main showstopper of this contemporary...
Nordic Scandi Interior Design Singapore - Condo Interior Design - The Interior Lab
Light-Filled Nordic Scandinavian Abode Where Form Meets Functionality - Nordic Scandi Interior Design Swathed in a pool of subdued muted palette, this light-filled modern home personifies the ideals of a...
minimalist interior condo interior design 5
One North Residences
Finding The Sweet Spot Between Form and Function In This Scandi Minimalist Apartment - Minimalist Interior Design Beauty is found at the intersection between form and functionality when it comes...
Loyang Valley
Sun-Kissed Traditional Villa Instantly Transports You To An Exotic Tropical Resort In Bali - Balinese Interior Design A Balinese-inspired home is essentially grounded in nature that immediately transports you to...
Seasons View
Contemporary Luxe Dwelling Dials Up the Luxe Factor With A Pop Of Retro Edge - Modern Luxe Interior Design Eclecticism forms the root of the home as this condo apartment...
Minimalist Condo Interior Design Singapore 27
Majestic Victorian-Inspired Minimalist Apartment Bulks Up With A Quirky Fitness Addition - Contemporary Minimalist Interior Design Channeling the era of romance and classic grandeur, this Victorian-inspired condo apartment was transformed...
Modern Living Room MWB
TRE Residences
Timeless, Modern Luxe Interior With Woody Tones A soft blend of white hues, woody textures and a subtle hint of marble creates a modern luxe yet timeless sanctuary that oomphs....
Minimalist Condo Interior Design Singapore 9
The Minton
Home Sanctuary @ The Minton - Minimalist Condo Interior With a neutral palette of black, white, grey and wood tones a minimalist scandinavian-themed home is created. By employing a subtle...
Contemporary Condo Interior Design Singapore 1
The Criterion
An Apartment's Ode to Nature - Contemporary Interior Design A natural walnut brown settles itself as a running theme throughout this home's contemporary interior design. For an apartment set in...
best singapore interior design firm
The Palette @ Pasir Ris Grove
A Neutral Palette Paints The Apartment In An Unassuming Shade Of Elegance - Modern Luxury Interior Design Steeped in neutral shades of cream, light wood and grey, this modern luxury...
minimalist interior design singapore
Onan Road
Minimalist Luxury Condo Interior Design | The Interior
Harbour View Towers
Marvellous Marble Interior PROPERTY TYPE Condominium THEME Minimalism AREA SIZE 149 SQM
Penthouse Condo Interior Design Singapore The Interior Lab 5
Robin Suites
Eclectic Sanctuary  -  Penthouse Condo Interior Design An eclectic interior may seem like an unintentional cohesive blend of varied textures and colours. Contrary to popular belief, an eclectic interior requires...

Condo Interior Design Singapore

Aside from the exclusive facilities or services which condominium offers, a homeowner might choose to purchase a condo apartment as there is no restriction when it comes to property ownership and other law regulations like minimum occupancy period (MOP). However, the reduced in rules and regulations does not apply to a condo renovation. In fact, having to plan for a condo interior design might be slightly tricker as compared to HDB. These are some factors why:

  1. Condo management or MCST
    Unlike renovation of HDB which has a standardised set of rules and regulations which applies to all HDB unit (varying only in terms of new or resale HDB), the rules and regulations for condo renovation vary across its different development. While the majority of the restrictions are concerned with the façade of the condominium especially with regards to the design of the balcony, MCST has the authority to clamp down to fine details such as the colour and the type of door frame used for the homeowners. Thus, our interior designers will have to read through the guidelines of the new condominiums before planning for the overall condo interior design.


  1. BCA Regulations
    For any major remodeling works or structural works for the condo design, the interior designer would have to seek approval from the management as well as a permit from BCA before proceeding. Thus, our interior designer would have to weave in additional time within the condo renovation timeline for the approval of both parties.


  1. Built-in Fixtures By Condo Developers
    It might be apparent to most condominium homeowners that it cost less to renovate a new condo apartment relative to new HDBs due to the in-build wet areas and the basic carpentry works that comes along with the condo unit. Nonetheless, our interior designers would have to use more creative juices to ensure that the new fixtures and furnishing would tie in with the original design of the flat. After all, like all designs, your condo interior design would have to be cohesive through the entire home interior.


Are you overwhelmed by the copious number of regulations for your upcoming condo renovation? You can choose to take the highway by consulting our experienced designers with regard to your condo interior design. Meanwhile, here are some condos interior designs which you may help you to get some inspiration for your condo design:

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