8 Ingenious bay window ideas to maximise floor space

Stylish yet functional interior design solutions for your awkward bay window.


It is possible to transform your awkward bay windows into functional spaces which is space efficient especially for small condo interior design in space-contraint Singapore. Before we delve into the details we would like to make  a special mention to Media one for listing The Interior Lab as one of the Top Interior Designer in Singapore. Alright, let’s start off with the first way to utilise your bay window.

Convert into a Build-in Seating Area

One of the most common ways to utilise a bay window within small condo interior design is to transform the bay window into a resting nook. Moreover, the built-in seating area can also double as additional storage space for a modestly-sized condo in Singapore. Isn’t this a great idea for small apartments in Singapore?

Modern Luxe Condo Interior Design
Featured Project: Seasons View | Condo Interior Design Singapore

All-in-One Solution

To utilise the bay window by the bedroom, interior designers often weave it into the overall interior design of the bedroom by creating a one-in-all home feature which also includes a platform storage bed and sometimes a study table. Since this bedroom interior design is catered to a pre-teen individual, the interior designer thoughtfully incorporated a full-height wardrobe for his future needs. A functional idea for small condo interior design!

Postmodern Condo interior design singapore
Featured Project: The Esta | Condo Interior Design Singapore


Multi-Purpose Platform

By creating an elevated space and adding a table lifting mechanism, the original bay window is concealed and space instantly transforms into an area that could act as a guest room or a great area for afternoon tea with a great view.

A stylish yet functional idea for small condo interior design!

Condo Interior Design Singapore - The Interior Lab
Featured Project: The Palette @ Pasir Ris Grove | Condo Interior Design Singapore

Frame It Up – Create a Feature point

Frame up the bay window!  For this home interior design, the interior designer opted for a curved bay window.  This creates a consistent design flow of geometric, curved shapes throughout the condo interior. This gorgeous frame-up bay window instantly becomes the highlight of the entire condo interior design.


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Featured Project: The Esta | Condo Interior Design Singapore

Unique TV Console

Have a bay window that protrudes awkwardly?  Why not use it as a backdrop for your TV? Our interior designer suggests placing blinds/ curtains to reduce the glare in the day. Overall, it is an alternative way to use your bay window.

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Featured Project: D’leedon | Condo Interior Design Singapore



Hotel-Inspired Bathroom 

Be it a condo interior design or HDB interior design, not many residential interior designs in Singapore has a luxury of a bay window in the bathroom. If you are lucky enough to purchase such a unit. Do consider incorporating the bay window strategically into your bathroom interior. If done right, it could definitely create a luxurious hotel-like bathroom with a view.

Penthouse Condo Interior Design Singapore The Interior Lab 1
Featured Project: Robin Suites | Condo Interior Design Singapore


Condo Interior Design Singapore
Featured Project: One-North Residence | Condo Interior Design Singapore


Cat Corner

Being the only light source to the homeowners’ master bedroom interior design, the interior designer did not conceal the windows. Inspired by that of a bay window design, a ledge is built. While providing additional space aside from the bedside table.

HDB Interior Design Singapore The Interior Lab
Featured Project: 2 Holland Ave | HDB Interior Design Singapore

Gorgeous Bedroom Feature

The original HDB interior design of this residential home interior in Singapore has a full-height curved beam window structure. To conceal the curved beam while keeping the only light source in the master bedroom, a customised bedroom features is inspired by that of a bay window forms the bedroom interior design. This interior designer

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Featured Project: 14 Upper Boon Keng Rd | HDB Interior Design Singapore



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What is the bay window?

Bay window are structures which project outward from the home interior. Historically, they are associated with English Renaissance and are employed at the end of the halls. However, in modern times especially in the context of residential interior design in Singapore, they are built to allow more natural to flow within the home interior space.

In Singapore…

Bay windows often create polarising views within the field of residential interior design Singapore. While some homeowners find that they are areas that take up precious floor space especially in small condo interior design. Others are grateful for the structure as it enhances the flow of light within the home interior design. For condo apartment interior design, the interior designer would often have to find design solutions to creatively incorporate them into the overall home interior. However, in HDB interior design Singapore bay window is sometimes created by interior designers. Confused by what we meant by that? Read on to find out more bay window ideas for both HDB interior design and condo interior design in Singapore.


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