5 Types of Home Office Interiors Ideas for Your Upcoming Home Renovation

Working from home is becoming the new norm, as Singapore continuously steps up her measures in response to COVID-19. However, do you know that even before this pandemic Singapore has one of the highest percentages of employees working from home?

While we all know that working from home comes with its benefits, the circulation of working from home memes shows that it might be counterproductive. In fact, we do know that it is largely due to distractions, and a possibly cluttered workspace. Thus, we are here to suggest 5 study room interior design ideas or home office designs that would help to improve your productivity and efficiency. Looking to renovate your home? One of these five home office ideas or study room interior is bound to suit your working style and lifestyle.

While most individuals would love to have a spacious home with sufficient rooms to convert one into a home office or study room for their kids. We know that most would not have the luxury of space, especially in Singapore.

Home Office Design The Interior Lab
East Coast | A Modern Interior | Landed – Semi-detached

Half-height Glass Study Room – Perfect for Working Parents

A half-height glass partition is perfect for working parents who need to keep an eye on their little ones while working from home. What’s more? It helps to visually expand your interior space and allow natural light to flow through while having a clear distinction between workspace and the communal area.

Half-height Glass Partition - Full height storage

Home Office Interior Design 1
Tampines Greenridges | A Muji-Scandinavian Interior | 5 Room BTO

A segregated corner for work office

Home Office Interior
D’leedon | Modern Interior Design | 4RM Resale Condo | Perfect for small study room design

Versatile Home Office with Accordion Doors – Perfect Interior Design Ideas for Small Home Interiors

An accordion door is a simple yet perfect substitute of a wall partition. Simple as it is, it doubles the function of the study room. It can be easily transformed into a private space for work or an extension of the communal area. Perfect for modestly-size homes to with homeowners who love to host gatherings. The following is 2 very different home interiors – Monochrome minimalist interior and a modern industrial interior respectively:

Monochrome Minimalist Interior Design Home Office

Home Office Interior Design The Interior Lab
Toa Payoh Apex | A Monochrome Minimalist Interior | 4 RM BTO

Modern Industrial Interior Design Home Office

Home Office Interior Design The Interior Lab 1
2 Holland Ave | A modern industrial Interior Design | 3 RM Resale

Bedroom Design with Study Table – Perfect for the Highly-Motivated Individuals

Find working/studying in your bedroom extremely unproductive? Well, it is not just you. A study has proven that the mental link of the bedroom with relaxing/sleeping could hamper your efficiency at work. However, if due to space contraint you would have to fit a study table in your bedroom  you could gather some hdb bedroom design that includes a study table from the following projects:

Have the customised study table facing the window of the bedroom

Eclectic industrial interior design singapore 38
Caption: 853 Hougang Central | Industrial Contemporary Interior | EA Resale

Build a separate work desk which hinders your view of the bed (If you do not see it is not there)

hdb bedroom design with study table
215A Compassvale Drive | Modern Industrial Interior | 3RM BTO

Just a Table – Perfect for creating an Insta-worthy workspace

Sometimes what one truly needs is just a table space which is in a quaint, cosy and comforting environment to switch to work mode, which is probably why some of us love to hangout in café to get creative works done. We would love to share the following home interiors which has the perfect ambiance for work:

Home Office Interior Design Singapore
McNair | Mid-century Interior | 3RM Resale
Home Office Interior Design The Interior Lab 3
16 Cantonment Close | Modern Industrial Interior | 3RM Resale

Utilizing Loft Space – For Homes with High Ceiling

For homes with high ceilings, a lower loft study area could be an option for you to fully utilise the space. However, do make sure that the height of the customised table and chair suit you ergonomically to enhance work productivity

Home Office Interior Design The Interior Lab 4
Robin Suites | Modern Luxury | Condo Penthouse

Which of the following home office interior or study room design is likely to place you in to your work mode? Which would you like to include in your upcoming home renovation? Share with us

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