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Simple Yet Sophisticated Facelift Of A Scandi-Minimalist Condo – Minimalist Interior Design

Tapping on an array of muted neutral colors and varying woody tones, an aesthetically soothing yet functional scandinavian minimalist condo dwelling was established. Sandy white hues and beige wood were assembled together to form this simplistic minimalist interior design. Stripping the interior to a complete pristine white setting narrows down the visual focus to the minute textured details engraved upon the skin of the minimalist interior design. A sense of continuity pervades throughout the home in form of woodgrain textures, varying beige tones and alabaster white colors. Various pockets of spaces were meticulously built to cater to different functional lifestyle purposes.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

In order to create a sustainably decluttered and clean living environment, the interior designer proposed to create a scandinavian minimalist interior design. At the main entrance, one is greeted immediately by a spacious foyer design that is segregated by a half see-through tinted glass partition and shoe cabinet compartments within the open concept layout. The visual connectivity within the open communal area remains uninterrupted with the elimination of enclosed walls and other obstructions. The kitchen is tucked away behind an interesting sliding barnyard door that helps to save floor space and prevent unwanted fumes and grease from polluting other spaces. The extensive wardrobe feature in the master bedroom comes attached with the built-in seating vanity counter which makes it convenient to get prepped up for the day.

4RM Condo

Interior Design

Scandi Minimalist Interior Design

149 SQM

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