82 Strathmore Ave

An Architect’s Dream Interior

This is a vintage retro interior that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. With rustic furniture and vintage collectibles from the homeowner, the interior designer weaved in other interior design element and materials such as hollow blocks, retro windows to allow the whole concept to flow smoothly. Noticed that details were even placed into the green retro window which we used to see in our grandparent’s home.

Interior Design Thoughts

The homeowner wanted a design that definitely steer away from the cookie-cutter interior. The designer have specially curated all the furnishing making sure that everything fits in place despite the myriad textures and colours.

The design highlight would be the customised dining table which surface is clad in monochrome peranakan tiles that fits in perfectly with the overall theme. Our personal favourite would be the peg board which forms the focal point of the kitchen while being exceptionally functional.

4RM Resale HDB


107 SQM

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