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Eclectic Postmodern Abode For Family Of Three – Postmodernism Interior Design

Postmodern interior design embraces unconventional ideas that play around with artsy, bold and eccentric style. Varying details of curves, lines and shades that breaks away from the conventional notions of form and function were fused into this postmodernist-style abode.

By mix-and-matching unique geometric elements, a playfully extravagant yet cozy interior is created. The harmonious flow of the curved edges, arched structure and turquoise blue reflects the gentle warmth of this family. The bright and airy look of the interior is formed by muted wood undertones and white hues against the calming blue setting. The round-edged island table makes the kitchen look more inviting and the arched bookshelf lends a smooth, homely and comfortable feel to the communal area while integrating seamlessly into the overall design theme. The bathroom interior takes design cues from a hotel lounge look with its understated luxury elements of gold accents and elegant features.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

The homeowners gave the interior designer full creative control over the design which led to the birth of this postmodernism-style abode. The interior designer exploited the creative freedom to the fullest potential by projecting a creative mix of color and structure, while taking inspiration from a single family photo of the homeowners.

The walls were hacked to form an open-concept kitchen that follows along with the overall open layout interior. The open-concept layout of the communal areas helps to promote family bonding and allows the homeowners to be visually connected to each other. The Murphy bed feature was incorporated into the guest bedroom for occasional use and to minimize the need for further cleaning maintenance. The unique bay-window design was built as an extension of the bedhead feature wall that was transformed into a cosy nook where the homeowners can sit and embrace the landscape view. The bedhead feature wall in the master bedroom offers a unique appeal with its three different shades of wood tones that injects warmth into the bedroom interior. The child’s bedroom was imbued with a timeless modern quality that would last the transition phase from a pre-teen to youth.

3RM Condo 

Interior Design Theme
Postmodern Interior Design / Eclectic Postmodernism Interior Design


122 SQM

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