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Minimalist Meets Scandinavian In This Condo Interior – Modern Scandinavian Interior Design

Clean sleek lines, beige white hues and light wood tones form the base of this modern scandinavian interior design. A modern abode with scandinavian influence for the perfect family of 3 and 2 adorable pets. Customised carpentry lines the interior of the home

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

Aside from the limited living space (after excluding the balcony area),  the challenge of this home is to make use of the odd layout with slanted walls.Thus, the designers consciously designed full-height cabinets to lined the interior as well as to create curved edges to conceal the awkward angles of the home.

Another concern which the homeowner had was to have a relatively timeless and functional design for her children who are growing and entering their pre-teens.

4RM Resale Condo 

Interior Design Theme
Modern Scandinavian Interior Design 


107 SQM

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