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Contemporary Luxe Abode Is Grounded In Sophisticated Simplicity – Modern Luxury Interior Design

Chic marble-veined tiles clad the walls of the communal area, forming a show-stopping extensive feature wall. The simple yet sensible orchestration of diverse materials brings out the tiniest detail that exudes unostentatious class. The skin of this modern luxury interior design is formed by a complementary mix of light cream marble and light colored palette. The matt and glossy selection of marble tiling sets an unique edgy juxtaposition within the common living space that allows the abstract textures and materials to tessellate nicely. The midnight green leather couch injects a sleek sense of masculinity to the living space that stands in contrast with the soft touches of a carpet. The lowkey gold accents and artistic contemporary pieces further elevates the simple posh lifestyle. The recessed lightings further highlight the intricate marble textures and evoke an expansive upscale flavour while enhancing the cosy warmth of the modern luxury interior design.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

The main design brief consisted of a classy and timeless design that is of easy maintenance. The interior designer dressed up the extensive living room wall with sleek marble-veined tiles that takes up the spotlight in this modern luxury interior design. The challenge of this home renovation was ensuring that there’s no small pieces of tiles visible to the eye and the myriad of colors and materials blends seamlessly. Recessed lights were added to the TV feature wall to add warmth to the communal area while highlighting the focal point of the the living room. The interior designer installed a bronze tinted mirror on the passageway leading to the living room to visually expand and create depth in the modern luxury condo.

3 RM  Condo 

Interior Design Style

Contemporary Condo Interior Design

102 SQM

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