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Luxuriate in A Futuristic English Gentlemen’s Club For The Free-Spirited Souls – Modern Luxe Interior Design

Drawing inspirations from the english gentlemen’s club interior design, an unorthodox choice of midnight blue and snaky green forms the colour palette of this spunky modern luxe interior design. The psychedelic marriage of material and textures adopted from various interior design themes on a wide spectrum – ranging from natural stones to rattan – are tactfully incorporated to spice up the unconventional yet harmonious modern luxe interior design showroom with a postmodern futuristic look.

Rich colors, comfy furniture and bronze metal paneling elevates the masculinity that is softened by occasional vinyl wood tones pulled into peculiar spaces, while the disc-shaped marble slab feature wall injects a striking focal point in the modern luxe interior design. A creative play on abstract geometry was projected into different areas of the showroom – the mosaic flooring demarcating the entryway design tessellated with diamond textured glass at the main entrance, the noteworthy circular marble feature wall, dash of lines that sensually contours the edges. The black mermaid tiles dresses the walls while peranakan patterns grace the floor of the bathroom that embodies a fun quirky personality differing from the rest of the showroom. Metallic splashes of bronze, gold and copper are generously splashed into the interior to embrace the social club lounge look, resulting in a sophisticated modern luxe interior design that oomphs.

Interior Design Thoughts

The creative brains behind The Interior Lab joined hands to create a futuristic and eclectic interior design for the M38 showroom office that best showcases the top-notch craftsmanship, original artistry and creative brilliance of our designers. A modern luxe interior design with a masculine vibe, blue green color scheme and other unconventional material selections were constructed for the showroom interior design.

Ceiling features are one of the most neglected area of the interior. Yet, they identity as one of the extensive surfaces that holds the potential to transform the overall look of the interior. Come closer and take a look at the bathroom entryway with the funky batman portrait. Do you notice the glass ceiling? Aside from the mirror feature, the woodgrain vinyl is used to clad the extensive ceiling of the communal showroom. Diverse geometric shapes and textures tessellate together to add a hint of quirkiness that balance out the overall dark moodiness of the modern luxe interior design. Extra seating space was carved out at the corner where sprightly home decor pieces are placed. Various storage compartments are incorporated to accommodate many bulky items and work materials, especially the concealed mirror door that leads to the secret storeroom.


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Modern Luxe Interior Design

93 SQM

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