2 Holland Avenue

Facelift of 3 RM Resale Flat

A refurbished, fully renovated,  3 room HDB resale flat with a modern industrial theme. Bronze hues and warm light are purposefully utilized to steer away from the cold, sterile industrial vibe. Modern interior design elements are further incorporated to create a more functional sanctuary for the homeowners.

What’s More?

Can you spot the hidden door leading to the master bedroom?  The door was designed to camouflage with the feature wall, for both aesthetics and to save more space.

The walls of the study room are hacked down and replaced by bi-fold doors. Resulting, in an increase in the versatility of the space. Instantly, the home office could be transformed into an extension of the living room to host a larger crowd. Notice that the interior of the study room is designed to be consistent with the living room.



– 65 SQM

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