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Resale HDB Interior Design - 4RM HDB Home Renovation

Classic Contemporary Meets Vintage Eclectic In This Modern Home For A Family Of Three – Modern Contemporary Interior Design

Dial up the ‘function’ in functionality with visually arresting yet pragmatic design motifs in this polished modern contemporary interior design. Glossy marble strokes contrasted against soft wooden elements dresses the surface of the expansive open living interior that is occasionally accented with pockets of display compartments catered to the lifestyle needs of the homeowners who are parents of a newborn toddler in this modern contemporary interior design.

The feature wall partition near the foyer area opens up a transitional path to the eclectic kitchen interior that contributes to the demarcation of the two living spaces. The sliding door seamlessly weaved into the extended feature wall provides a unique visual passageway leading to the cooking area that also serves to keep the baby away from the kitchen. The refreshing minty shade makes the perfect backdrop to complement the snazzy peranakan-inspired traditional patterns that embellish the walls of the beautifully designed galley kitchen.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

The homeowners wanted a classy modern home personally designed to serve the needs of their family. With a newborn child at home, equipping the home interior design with necessary ‘toddler-friendly’ design features including an expansive open living layout was essential. Thus, the communal area was widely expanded to accommodate those lifestyle needs as well as to allow them to host large gatherings in their new home, accented by a striking TV feature wall that secures the focal point of the extensive space.

A functional kitchen design with sufficient countertop space was one of the homeowners’ top priorities since cooking is their favorite family activity. Abstract shapes of three-color wood tones forms the main TV feature wall in the bedroom interior that juxtaposes against the plain contemporary setting. The TV feature console extends to the vanity counter where the homeowner can unwind and prepare for bed. Unique wooden textures and shell design prints adorn the bathroom interior that subtly exudes a relaxing resort ambience.

4RM HDB Resale

Interior Design Theme
Modern Contemporary Interior Design


111 sqm

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