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Resale HDB Interior Design - 5RM HDB Home Renovation

Contemporary-Luxe Urban Apartment For The Aviation Geek – Modern Contemporary Interior Design

This atypical modern contemporary interior design showcases the quintessential fusion of sophisticated moody interior elements and retro-vintage décor dedicated to keeping the wondrous thrill of flying onboard alive.

An inky black facade and sensual wooden textures coupled along with occasional gold accents form the basic foundation of this urban-style modern contemporary interior design. Gold trimmings contours the interior borders to achieve the contemporary luxe with high-end deluxe oomph. Wood tones clad the overall interior creating a balance between the harsh elements. The spacious and airy open-concept kitchen interior attached with a bar countertop was specially designed to accommodate a large number of guests and reserve extensive workspace for food preparation.

The aircraft door seal furniture steals the spotlight as the centerpiece of the home interior design. Along with other cultural vintage wall décor, this timeless contemporary-luxe home is stylishly fashioned to take you on a lively world cultural tour within a common space that is deeply infused by a dusky tone of modern sensibility.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

In consideration of the homeowners’ passion for traveling, home decor styling has also been taken into account when designing the overall home interior design. For instance, the vintage pair of axes from Fiji Island were hung on the kitchen wall. Also, the work desk centerpiece in the living room was partially formed by parts of the plane that is deeply associated with the homeowner’s career in the aviation industry.

The homeowners love to host gatherings at home, thus major hacking work was executed to create a spacious open layout home interior design that also includes the open-concept kitchen design within the common space. The homeowners also decided to create a separate balcony feature by installing a bi-fold glass door divider that demarcates the outdoor space and the living room interior. 

The common room was hacked down for extra space to create the walk-in wardrobe feature. The master bathroom is hidden behind a concealed door that includes a storage compartment for luggage as well as open shelving for towels.

5RM HDB Resale 

Interior Design Theme
Modern Contemporary Interior Design


131 sqm

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