Residential HDB Interior Design - Executive Maisonette Renovation

Modern Industrial Maisonette Interior Design

Form and Function come together in equal measures in this expansive modern industrial maisonette. While hallmarks of industrial elements – exposed trunkings and cement-like tiles run through the abode, classic and modern furnishings and home decor adorn the interior.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

Renovation of this maisonette was not an easy feat. While the design conceptualisation was very much left to the interior designer, the homeowner had strong emphasise on functionality. Exposed electrical trunking was one of the key hallmarks of an industrial abode ,at the same time, it functioned as a guide to the switches. Besides being a bachelor’s pad, the homeowner often host his friends for baking and cooking session, thus, the interior of the kitchen was designed with sufficient working stations . An island is strategically placed closer to the oven. While an aluminium bi-fold door helps to keep the grease within the kitchen, it could also be an extension of the living toom to hold a larger party. Thoughts was placed into details to ensure that form and dunctionality comes in equal measures.

Maisonette Renovation

Interior Design Theme
Modern Industrial Interior Design


139  SQM

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