8 Stylishly Smart Storage Solutions for Your Home

Storage tends to be something many of us grapple with when it comes to our home renovation. When it comes to storage, functionality often triumphs looks, so it isn’t surprising that they are frequently dubbed necessary, but not necessarily pretty. But what if they could be both? These storage ideas by The Interior Lab are stylish at the same time as they are incredibly functional, and will get your home organised and furnished all at once.

1. Shelves behind a sliding mirror panel

Stow away your bathroom clutter on shelves that are built behind a sliding mirror panel. You can check yourself out and keep clutter in check at the same time. Now that’s what I call a win win!


2. Pegboard

Going for the industrial style? We totally recommend using a large pegboard as storage. It’s a great choice for the kitchen, because of how versatile and stylish it is. You can hook up your wares and utensils to make it easier to reach for them when you’re doing your cooking. Install shelves on the pegboard to use as a display stand for your dishes or décor.


3. Platform storage

Platform storage is great for smaller spaces as it takes full advantage of the square footage. It’s a good choice for storing things that are not frequently accessed, such as bed sheets, winter clothing or extra cushions. The raised height is also great for defining a space, and if placed next to a window, also helps to maximise the outside view too!


4. Cubbies surrounding your sofa

We love cubbies! We love them particularly for books and display items. Surround your sofa with them to make the most out of a popular “dead space” and create a little cosy enclave in your living room. This cubby design is brushed with gold accents to elevate the look from ordinary to fabulous.


5. A TV feature wall that doubles as storage

A full-height, wall-to-wall TV feature wall also doubles as a storage for media units, books and other bric-a-bracs. The pops of blue, against the matte black, is a stark visual contrast, while providing a uniformity with the hues in this home.


6. Storage under the stairs

If you’re lucky enough to get stairs in your home, make sure you make full use of it by incorporating storage underneath. The steps serve as natural dividers, so they help to keep your things organised.


7. Bay window storage

Bay windows are great for creating this cosy reading nook. But if you aren’t much of a lounger or if you have very limited floor space, it might be more bane than boon. Incorporating an extra drawer above the seat of your bay window helps to make full use of this space.


8. Indented shelves

If you want things to look neat at home, recessed shelves are the way to go. They don’t take up as much visual bulk, but they can store plenty. Go for a glass front to turn indented storage space into an indented display cabinet.



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