5 Tips For Mastering Scandinavian Interior Design

Clutter smothers. Simplicity breathes. – Terry Guillements

Following its emergence in the 1930s, Scandinavian interior design flourished decades later and has taken the world by storm ever since. Interior trends are often transient, with design themes falling in and out of style every few years. We’ve seen genres from the likes of bohemian to industrial come and go, yet Scandinavian interior design seems to be one of the few to have withstood the test of time.

But first, what is Scandinavian interior design?

Comfort. Warmth. Cosiness. Cues are undoubtedly taken from the famed Danish concept, hygge (pronounced hue-gah), which values contentment through celebrating life’s simplest pleasures. The goal is to create inviting and restful sanctums; clutter-free spaces that immediately put you at ease. Rooted in clean lines and nature-inspired elements, it yields impeccable abodes by relying on an amalgam of the most timeless design features.

Read on to discover our 5 best tips for mastering the art of Scandinavian interior design.

1. White And Wood

The absolute tried and true combination that has dominated the Scandinavian interior design trend for close to a century, and for good reason. Don’t be fooled by its seemingly simple nature, because there’s actually a plethora of ways to approach it. Wood comes in different textures and tones, each establishing a different kind of atmosphere. And did you know there are more than 150,000 shades of white? The sky’s really the limit here, and you have your pick of the litter.

Featured Project: 622A Tampines | Scandinavian Interior Design | The Interior Lab

2. Thoughtful Carpentry

The very purpose of carpentry is to increase functionality in a room. So much more than just maximising storage space; it also has the ability to cleverly disguise areas of your home that aren’t as visually appealing as the rest. As seen in this dreamy BTO HDB flat, carpentry is used to conceal the bomb shelter to avoid compromising its overall design.

Featured Project: 622A Tampines | Scandinavian Interior Design | The Interior Lab

3. Muted Colour Palette

Skip the bold colours and stick with the neutrals. But this doesn’t mean your only choices are cream and ecru. The key here is to pay attention to the shade of the colour; think light and soft, not garish and vibrant. For example: opt for blush pink instead of fuschia or magenta. No matter how minimalist your home is, accent walls can easily fit into the equation. This master features one with geometric fragments of grey, pink and white that immaculately complement the room’s understated style.

Featured Project: 622A Tampines | Scandinavian Interior Design | The Interior Lab

4. Less Really Is More

Minimalism and Scandinavian interior design are pretty much a package deal. You’re encouraged to keep only the necessities and things you love, and do away with the rest. There’s something incredibly freeing about ridding your space of clutter, and it comes with an endless list of benefits too. That includes improved mental health, increased productivity and lower home maintenance, just to name a few.

Featured Project: 622A Tampines | Scandinavian Interior Design | The Interior Lab

5. Natural Light

A quintessential part of Scandinavian interior design; think of it as the finishing touch that ties everything together. Although this heavily depends on the location of your abode, there are ways to maximise the amount of sunlight you get. You can always choose glass partitions instead of solid walls, and paint your walls a bright shade of white so natural light can bounce around to illuminate every crevice of your space.

Featured Project: 622A Tampines | Scandinavian Interior Design | The Interior Lab

There’s no question that Scandinavian interior design is here for the long run. Comprising the perfect mix of functionality and minimalism, it’s a foolproof way to create a home you’ll love for years to come. Explore our most recent Scandinavian-themed BTO HDB project here for more inspiration.

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