5 Dreamy Bathroom Interior Design To Uplift Your Tired Soul

Finding our escape from the harsh reality in this slow-paced sanctuary.

Before we start off with this month’s article, let’s give a shout-out to Wiz-marketing for listing The Interior Lab as one of the top office renovation companies in Singapore. Today we will be delving into one of the most hardworking area of the home which is the bathroom.

Within every functional home interior design lies a functionally designed bathroom. The significance of a functional bathroom interior design is often easily downplayed and neglected because it is not a visibly accessible area compared to other rooms in the home interior design. Yet, it is one of the living spaces where we spend a considerable portion of our time unwinding and cleansing our tired bodies after a long weary day. Investing in an aesthetic-friendly and functional bathroom designed sensibly based on a particular set of lifestyle along with the overall home interior design theme definitely pays off in the long run – be it a double vanity sink, a spacious bathtub feature and stylish shower area – so that homeowners would constantly look forward to resting and relaxing in the comforting boundaries of their home.

Now that bathroom interior design is steadily gaining popularity and attention, there exists a vast array of bathroom interior design curated to each homeowner’s design preferences and lifestyle patterns, ranging from sleek sensual luxury, glamorously eclectic to a restful resort-like or hotel suite bathroom.


Victorian Contemporary Interior Design Maplewoods Condo The Interior Lab
Featured Project: Maplewoods | Condo Interior Design Singapore


So join us as we explore five types of dreamy bathroom interior design conceived by the creative brains at The Interior Lab that ought to charm your socks off and get you inspired to create your own personal sanctuary!


Bathroom Interior Design Of A Dark Modern Sensibility

Cosy is often associated with neutral color tones and light woody elements, but that is not always the case. With the rising trend of dark interior design, many modern homeowners choose to cloak the bathroom interior design with dusky color schemes to capture the sensual modern look infused with a cosy oomph.

This bathroom in Jurong West St 64 takes on a daring approach by employing an eclectic mix of weathered concrete surfaces, occasional woody tones and vertically stacked forest green subway tiles highlighted by gold and black accents. Consider applying different types of patterns or tiling to demarcate different areas within the bathroom interior design to boost the visual dynamic of the space, such as the bathroom sink and the shower stall. A darker color scheme for the bathroom features might also be an option for homeowners who wish to avoid seeing unsightly surfaces in the bathroom interior design, in comparison to a brighter space where even little spots of dirt can be easily spotted. Pair it with suitable décor lighting and your bathroom interior is all good to go! Here are some of our jaw-dropping projects that exemplify the creative implementation of these dark modern bathroom interior design features:


Modern Industrial Interior Design Jurong West St 64 The Interior Lab
Featured Project: Jurong West St 64 | HDB Interior Design Singapore


Modern Industrial Interior Design Buangkok Woods The Interior Lab 1
Featured Project: Buangkok Woods | HDB Interior Design Singapore


Modern Industrial Interior Design 16 Cantonement Close The Interior Lab 1
Featured Project: 16 Cantonement Close | HDB Interior Design Singapore


Bathroom Interior Design With A Touch Of Traditional

This bathroom interior is a real blast from the past! For homeowners who would like to steer away from the modern cookie-cutter look and pursue a traditional ‘old world’ interior design theme for their bathrooms, this might be something right up your alley.

The eclectic harmony of modern functional features and traditional interior elements form this modern oriental bathroom interior design where old and new merge into a seamless blend. Hollow ventilation blocks, dark woody materials, and historical antique pieces – these traditional interior elements commonly found in older historical establishments that most of us are pretty familiar with are set against a marble-veined colonial white backdrop to achieve a sleek timeless modern bathroom interior with a nostalgic oriental touch. Another fun fact to note is that due to the lack of space, the interior designer innovated a unique passageway in between the dining area and master bedroom that doubles as a design element. Without a doubt, this traditional bathroom interior design is one-of-a-kind packed with stunning features!


Traditional Interior Design Moh Guan Terrace The Interior Lab3
Featured Project: Moh Guan Terrace | HDB Interior Design Singapore


Traditional Interior Design Moh Guan Terrace The Interior Lab2
Featured Project: Moh Guan Terrace | HDB Interior Design Singapore


Traditional Interior Design Moh Guan Terrace The Interior Lab
Featured Project: Moh Guan Terrace | HDB Interior Design Singapore


Bathroom Interior Design Imbued With Classic Minimalism

A classic minimalist bathroom interior design never goes out of style! The timeless combination of black-and-white minimalist interior design elements paired with other bright airy elements never fails to evoke an unostentatiously classy feel befitting of a modern bathroom.

Spruce up your bathroom with simple yet quality marble tiles paired along with a bright and airy neutral color scheme to achieve a clean decluttered minimalist look, demonstrated by the stunning bathroom interior at Toa Payoh Apex that exudes an effortlessly chic vibe by tying together a monochromatic palette and a hint of light wood tones. Alternatively, you can choose to go with a simple monochrome interior design that eliminates frills and puts a creative spin on the black and white color scheme. A monochromatic interior design helps to achieve the fuss-free minimalist bathroom interior design that is ideal for contrasting diverse patterns and materials, as shown in this bathroom at Kim Keat Link.


Minimalist Interior Design Toa Payoh Apex The Interior Lab1
Featured Project: Toa Payoh Apex | HDB Interior Design Singapore


Minimalist Interior Design Kim Keat Link The Interior Lab2
Featured Project: Kim Keat Link | HDB Interior Design Singapore


Bathroom Interior Design Showered In Modern Luxury

Do you find yourself fighting for the ‘bathroom sink’ time with your partner during the morning peak hour? Does prepping for a date with your partner or outing with friends eat up too much of your time because you have to constantly share the bathroom vanity space? Do yourself (and your partner) a favor and incorporate a double vanity feature for your bathroom interior design!

A double vanity bathroom sink is the perfect showstopper feature that instantly elevates the modern luxe factor and helps to achieve a hotel suite bathroom look while eliminating the hassle of sharing a single vanity sink space for two persons. The unparalleled beauty of modern marble-veined tiles and the gorgeous double vanity feature with oriental detailing form a luxurious hotel-like en-suite bathroom interior design at The Eden penthouse. It boasts a harmonious marriage of the aesthetics of a modern luxury home interior design and that of an oriental home interior design. An alternative choice is an extended sink countertop feature as seen in the sleek modern bathroom at 737 Tampines St 72 where you can place your grooming or cosmetic beauty kits at the side of the bathroom sink and prep for the day out conveniently.


Modern Luxury Interior Design The Eden Condo The Interior Lab
Featured Project: The Eden | Condo Interior Design Singapore


Modern Luxury Interior Design 737 Tampines St 72 The Interior Lab
Featured Project: 737 Tampines St 72 | HDB Interior Design Singapore


Holiday Resort-inspired Bathroom Interior Design

Are you inspired to recreate a resort suite bathroom in the comforts of your home? Since jetting off overseas for a holiday is almost unthinkable in this pandemic, we bring the holiday resort to you! Take some pointers from this relaxing contemporary condo interior design and penthouse condo interior design whose homeowners decided to incorporate a large gorgeous bathtub as the main bathroom feature part for their bathroom interior design.

A spacious bathtub feature is a privilege that not many can afford in Singapore due to space-constraint issues. Therefore, homeowners who have the luxury of space can consider incorporating a gorgeous bathtub feature where you can soak off your stress and fatigue in your personal sanctuary! For the condo bathroom interior at Maplewoods, the pristine white bathtub feature truly shines through as the main highlight against the plain setting, complemented by warm wood tones and quirky flooring patterns that help break the plain white monotony of the decluttered minimalist bathroom interior design. You can also choose to keep it simple and sophisticated like The Esta penthouse bathroom where the bathtub feature is positioned as the main focal point and is accompanied by soothing neutral color tones that is reminiscent of a holiday resort bathroom. If you like to play around with colors and patterns, splash some tropical tiles on the walls of the bathroom interior design to maximise the holiday vibe!


Maplewoods Resort Bathroom2
Featured Project: Maplewoods | Condo Interior Design Singapore


Luxury Resort Interior Lab The Esta Penthouse Condo The Interior Lab
Featured Project: The Esta | Condo Interior Design Singapore


Bohemian Interior Design Grand Duchess Condo The Interior Lab
Featured Project: Grand Duchess | Condo Interior Design Singapore


With the surplus of stress we are experiencing throughout this pandemic, a dedicated bathroom sanctuary where we can take refuge from the world and carve out time for a relaxing soak has almost become a necessity. As we have witnessed from the diverse range of bathroom interior design, it is thoroughly proven that a functional bathroom interior does not equal forgoing eye-pleasing aesthetics. There are endless selections for you to choose from but creating a customised bathroom interior intricately designed to satisfy your lifestyle needs and aesthetic taste while blending into the overall home interior design is of paramount importance with the guidance of an experienced interior designer. Consult with our interior designers at The Interior Lab to fulfill your dream bathroom interior design today!


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