4 different Scandinavian interiors with their own personal touch

Before we delve into the different Scandinavian homes, we would like to thank bestinsingapore.co for shortlisting our firm as one of the best scandinavian interior designers in Singapore. Of course, we would like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to our clients who entrust their home interior with us.

While some individuals simply can’t resist the charm of a Scandinavian home interior, we had couples with differing views on the overall design theme of their new home. Building on the fundamental principles of simplicity and functionality, our interior designers took on the challenge to marry the hallmarks of the requested design themes creating a harmonious interior. Here are our 4 takes on Scandinavian interior design with secondary hues:

Eclectic Scandinavian Interior Design

A fan of eclectic interior, there are up to 8 different types of tile incorporated into this eclectic scandinavian interior. Scandinavian furnishing which features clean lines and simple silhouettes adorns the home to blend the myriad colours, texture and materials used.

Eclectic Scandinavian Living Room Singapore The Interior Lab Session8471
The scandinavian-inspired furnishings harmonious blend the cloud cement design and the olive green wall creating an overall cohesive look.
Eclectic Scandi Interior Design Singapore The Interior Lab Session8420
The light wood tones neutralise the bright pink tiles and the muted green laminate creating an overall pleasing aesthetics

Industrial Scandinavian Interior Design

The design brief given was to keep the old terrazzo flooring while having a minimalist, Scandinavian interior design. In order to create a harmonious interior, our interior designer opted to use black metallic elements to balance the retro terrazzo flooring and the overall Scandinavian interior. While keeping to the typical Scandinavian living room, an overall neutral-heavy colour palette

On its own, industrial elements evoke a cold, sterile look. To balance the look, soft woody tones are adapted from Scandinavian interiors to create a cohesive look that sets itself apart from the usual Scandinavian interior.

scandi industrial interior design The Interior Lab 25
Industrial Scandi Interior Design
Scandi Industrial Interior design singapore The Interior Lab23
Industrial Scandinavian Study Room

Nordic Scandinavian Interior Design

The design brief was to have a bright, timeless interior that suits the home owners’ lifestyle needs. A home remodelling was done to incorporate the outdoor balcony space as part of the communal living room, to allow more natural light in. At the same time, it increases the versatility of the balcony space.

Subdue Colours like white, grey and light wood tones forms the main colour palette of this Nordic Scandinavian living room. Accent colours purposefully sourced from home furnishings and home accessories, this home distinguish itself from the usual Scandinavian interiors.

Nordic Scandi Interior Design Singapore 13
Veranda | Nordic Scandinavian Interior Design
Nordic scandi Interior Design The Interior Lab
Veranda | Nordic Interior Design Signapore

Modern Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian interior and modern interior has many similar characteristics – decluttered, minimalist. However, scandinavian interiors have a hygge touch yet the overall modern interior takes on a modernist approach. This abode combines both of the characteristics striking a balance between both aesthetics.

Modern Scandinavian Living Room The Interior Lab
Modern Scandinavian Living Room and Home Office
Modern Interior Design Singapore The Interior Lab12
Modern Interior Design Singapore The Interior Lab12

We believe that a home interior is a true reflection of the homeowner’s lifestyle and personality. Thus, no home interior should look alike.

Have differing views on your upcoming home renovation? Need professional help for design conceptualization and space planning? Click here to make an appointment with our interior designers so we can discuss how to materialize the ideals of your home given the unique space and layout of your house.

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